John’s NHL Bracket

We’re still in bracket mode over here at Infinity Intuition. Here is what I think the NHL playoffs will look like.

nhl bracket.jpg

Round 1


Tampa wins 4-1

Boston wins 4-2

Washington wins 4-2

Pittsburgh wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-0

Winnipeg wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-1

San Jose wins 4-1

Round 2


Boston wins 4-3

Washington wins 4-2


Nashville wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-2

Round 3


Washington wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-1

Stanley Cup

Nashville wins 4-1

In these predictions:

My toughest pick: Boston over Tampa Bay. I think the Lightening are great and if they can overcome Boston, they can make it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, Boston has a tradition of winning, and simply finding ways to win. If I had to pick another tough match up, it would have been the San Jose and Anaheim series. Anaheim is hot right now, but I just have a hunch it might not last.

My easiest pick: Nashville over Colorado. I feel like Nashville is great on so many levels and Colorado will have a tough time keeping up.


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Stay tuned for more predictions from our authors here at Infinity Intuition!

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Staple pieces for your Spring Wardrobe

When I was a little girl I always dreamt about having a huge closet filled with everything my little heat desired. Every color shoe to go with every outfit, jewelry for every occasion and endless, endless amounts of purses (I am a closeted purse whore). Now that I am grown, and my heart still dreams about a closet as big as a bedroom, I am happy with the wardrobe I have built with all the necessary staples items.

To me, putting an outfit together is almost like a work of art. I love starting out with plain pieces and adding accessories that make the whole outfit. On a weekend day shopping with friends I love a good pair of ripped jeans, comfy slip on sneakers, your favorite t-shirt and a cute casual button up to top it off. Maybe add a pendent necklace and some stack-able rings and you have yourself an outfit!


Here are some staples everyone should have in their wardrobe..

Plain t-shirt/boyfriend t-shirt: Weather it’s a black, white or any color; you can wear a plain t-shirt with any outfit! Wearing them with printed pants or skirts really can bring out those patterns. Even wearing an over-sized t-shirt and adding a knot in the front gives the look some edge.

Leggings: This is the era of leggings. I mean really, who doesn’t own a pair? They are perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re dressing them down for the gym or wearing them with high thigh boots and a slouchy top. Wear the leggings; don’t let the leggings wear you.

Ripped jeans: I know this one might be a bit controversial. We all have those family parties where there’s that one family member who jokes “I could have put those holes in your jeans for free!” Haha, right? Ripped jeans when worn appropriately can be very tasteful.  Wearing ripped jeans in the spring are my absolute favorite. Rolling up the bottoms with some heels and a cute top is perfect for happy hour outside with your friends!

Brown/Black Purse: I’m not the type of girl who needs to match her purse to every outfit but I do like having my options. Having a black and brown purse as an option can really tie an outfit together. I tend to use a bigger purse for work during the week and on the weekends I switch to a smaller cross body bag depending on my outfit.

White tennis shoes: For me, tennis shoes are everything in the spring. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, shorts and even a dress! They are so versatile and give your look that girly touch. Another reason I love them is because they’re so cheap. Most are under 10 bucks!

Jean Jacket: I love how jean jackets are making a comeback. This is probably my favorite piece in my wardrobe. You literally add it to any outfit and you’ll look bomb. Your best bet to find a super cute jacket would be at a thrift store. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Gold accessories: And yes I mean fake gold. Dainty gold jewelry is the perfect touch on a spring outfit. Whether it’s gold hoop earrings or a multi-layer chain that plunges to your cleavage, gold accessories are sexy but classy. Forever 21 have a great selection between two and seven dollars.

Baseball Cap: It doesn’t have to have a team name or logo or anything. Plain baseball caps are my favorite thing to wear on day 3 of not washing my hair. They sport up your look whether you’re off to the gym or running errands.


I honestly feel like I could go on and on about clothes but these are the items that I know I won’t be without this spring. Another thing I would like to add is you do not have to spend a lot of money on clothes to have a versatile wardrobe. Forever 21 has great basic pieces for cheap, you can find hidden gems in thrift-stores and when you take the time to look and find the deal it is so worth it. Spring is on its way; make sure you and your wardrobe are ready!


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Whats up Infinity family!

My name is Hozana Arceri and I am a professional sports photographer that owns two businesses dealing with photography and sports. By no means am I saying I’m the greatest or most knowledgable, but I believe that I can add some knowledge to you or insight into the world of sports photography. So here we go!

The very first question I get asked when telling someone I do sports photography is “O you must have a ton of nice camera gear?”. After giving them a big smile because I would actually like to have a entire room of nice gear, I answer by saying no, not really. Nothing the average person can’t obtain or may already have. The person usually looks at me by this point with either a face of wonder or one that says “o you must not be that good”. In this post I want to begin with a statement: YOU ARE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Many people are passionate about their gifts or talents but never explore them enough because the words of foolish people get to them. The ones you tell you that you can’t are usually the ones that really can’t themselves. Back to photography now haha. One of the biggest misunderstandings in photography is that you have to have nice gear or amazing connections to become a great photographer. This is especially hard hitting in the sports photography world. That however is false. I come from a background of never picking up a camera until about 3 years ago and as I write this today I own my own photography business, an online sports news outlet geared around sports photos, and can claim that I am a professional sports photographer. Not because I have a degree telling me that I am one, or some certificate hanging on my wall. I can say that about myself because I am confident in my work and know what looks good to my eyes. This mindset is how you stay unique within industries such as photography where there are so many people trying to be the same thing as you while creating the same product as everyone else. There is always a need for your style and vision of photography…its finding where that need is that brings a challenge at times. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to learn your craft and refine your skills, but don’t let that take away from letting your imagination take off when it comes to go time. Practice your craft, skills, eye for an image, but when it comes to going out and taking photos for a client or yourself…let it all go and have fun.

Now that we have a good foundation of a correct mindset to have lets jump into some of the more practical stuff you thought you would read in this post. Gear gear gear! Its probably one of the most over-talked topics in photography but your gear does help you as a photographer (your gear adds to your eye, the real skill. I doesn’t define it). Most people get lost at this point in a discussion within photography or blown away with information by that guy who has been shooting since TV was invented and now works for NASA, the FBI, and Starbucks. There is so much gear out there for photography it overwhelms me all the time. Just like anything though it needs to be attacked with a plan. For me I played sports my whole life so I knew when I got into photography I wanted to do so with exactly that. I started doing research about people in the industry that were successful, that were different, and found out what they were using. You’d be surprised how far googling “famous sports photographer” will take you. This is one of those crafting and refining you skill parts I was talking about above. I can tell you that if you are going to get into sports photography or any other photography, investing your money in a couple of good lenses first is a great start. Picture it like this (see what I did there haha) your camera body is like eyelids to your eye. The open and close…thats about it. Your lens or lenses are the eye itself. They determine what you see, how far you can see, or how wide you see. This is why investing in a lens is a safe start. Even with a kit camera body adding a nice lens can improve the quality of your photos drastically. Now at this point you may be thinking “ok ok, but what about all those crazy settings in the camera? I don’t know anything about lighting or aperture.” This is the part where you may get a little overwhelmed but be assured every photographer was overwhelmed at this exact point at one time. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Your camera may be the eyelids but its also the brain to your gear. Knowing how to effectively use your brain is always a plus. There are 3 main settings you really use all the time:

  1. Shutter Speed (the speed at which your “eyelids” camera opens and closes)
  2. Aperture (the depth your image will have. Background is in focus as well as my foreground or the background is blurred out and focus is kept only on the foreground)
  3. ISO (How much light your camera takes in every time your “eyelids” camera opens and closes)

All three of these go hand and hand with each other. For example lets say I’m taking sports photos at 2pm on a sunny day. Because I’m shooting sports I know my subjects are going to be moving at a high speed and probably running or moving their body in fast motions. (PS you should always shoot in Manuel mode to have full control over all these settings) 

Shutter Speed

That means that I want my shutter speed to be really high in order to capture the subject with that frozen in time look. For most sports as long as your shutter speed is at 1/1000 of a second or higher you should be good to achieve that effect. But shutter speeds have one draw back…The higher you set your speed at, the less light it takes in because of how fast it opens and closes “eyelids” which could result in dark photos. The lower you set your shutter speed the more light it lets in but it may cause blurry photos because of how long your camera is letting light in and results in really over exposed images.


This is one you usually don’t need to adjust to much unless you know how to really work your craft and need that little adjustment that only you will notice. Aperture is how much depth your photo has. If my aperture is at say 2.8 and a person is 4ft away from me…in my photo the background will be blurred out and my subject will be in focus. However if my aperture is 20, the person in front of me and the background are all sharp and in focus. Just like our shutter speed that is a drawback. The lower the aperture the more light your camera lets in. The higher the aperture the less light your camera takes in. For our scenario above we know that its sunny out, our shutter speed needs to be high, and for most sports photos we want a blurry background. So I would try to keep my aperture as low as possible to let as much light in as I can in order to keep my shutter speed high.


ISO stands for International Standards Organization, and it is a standardized industry scale for measuring sensitivity to light (yes I pulled that from google). As the lens of your camera opens and closes it lets light in but you can set the level of which you want with your ISO. The lower the ISO the less light your camera takes in (ISO 125). The higher the ISO the more light your camera takes in (ISO 2000). The trade off is this. The higher your ISO the more grainy your image will be due to your camera trying to grab more light. This applies after ISO 2000 for average cameras. For our example above I would obviously try and keep my ISO as low as I can without making the photo to dark. One of the things I really try to do is keep my ISO as low as possible while still obtaining a well lit photo.

Hopefully by now you have a little better understanding about photography and even a little to get you moving in the right direction. I will leave you with this last statement. What you put into something will show up in the results whether you see it or not. Photography is one of those trades that starts out as a hobby for most and becomes a job. There is a point in between both of those sides where you need to take a leap of faith. Both finically and mentally. If its really something you want to do then jump with both feet and see where you land! Thats what I did and I survived because my passion for photography keeps me going even when/if times get tough. Remember, work should be fun! If there every comes a point in photography where you aren’t having much fun anymore, take a step back and let your creative mind explore a little bit to get away from the business or job part of photography. God bless and keep snapping!

If you want to see more of my work you can visit my website at or visit the online sports news outlet I run at

How You Can Create Content Too

What’s up Infinity Intuition readers,

I want to start by thanking you all for taking a peek at everything we have to offer here at ~I. So far with only a few posts we’ve managed to bring in over 1000 viewers in 13 countries! I’m personally proud of how much attention the site is receiving, but even more proud of the people who wrote in with some great content.

Today I wanted to write to you about adding your own content to the site and social media as well. It’s really easy and can benefit all of us (including yourself)

So first, let me mention that Infinity Intuition is meant to be a platform of information on just about anything. Our goal here is to grow large enough to eliminate the multi platform sites. We want people coming here for pictures, videos, blogs, interviews, etc. If you have an expertise, passion, or career in something, you have a voice here. What you might see as simple, others might not know a thing about. So even if you send in something simple to you, millions of other people can benefit from seeing it.

I want to also mention that creating content for us at ~I can be added to your resume, and you can eventually start to earn money once the company gains a large enough following. sky-earth-galaxy-universe.jpg

So how can you send in your own content?

I’ve created several “Levels” of information you can send in here:

1. Picture – any picture you think can help others

2. Quick Clip video – a video that might explain something or give advice to others

3. Blog – a document offering tips, advice, or help in any way

4. Interview – ask an expert questions on a subject that can help others

5. Research – more than a blog, less than a book on researched facts that can help others

6. Shared articles – let us know about other people’s helpful content so we can share it for them

So you can send in something as simple as a picture and as complex as a research project. Either way, Infinity Intuition will have a platform available to reach people you might not have been able to before. We’re bringing the world in on this, and in turn we’re going to collectively help the world grow.

To send in content, you can email me:

You can also send a Direct Message to any of our social media sites or shoot me a text.

If you want to know something or you have a topic you would like to know more about, send us a comment or do any of the above to get in touch. We actually want this to happen so we know who we should bring on.

Do me a HUGE favor and share this for others to see. If they don’t want to send in content, I’m sure there will come a time where they can benefit from seeing an ~I post or blog. Maybe one of your friends has something they want to share, so they can benefit from seeing this too.

P.S. Business out there… this is a great way to advertise. Share something the world can benefit from and tag your name/ company to it.

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About Infinity Intuition

Thanks for checking in with us at Infinity Intuition! This post is going to explain more about what Infinity Intuition is and what it will be.

Who are we?

Well, we are anybody willing to provide information to the world. Infinity Intuition is a platform where anybody with an expertise can offer information to those in the pursuit of learning. Infinity Intuition will offer blogs, vlogs, social media posts, interviews, and any other means of information sharing that becomes available.

What do we do?

Infinity Intuition was created to share information on anything and everything. Our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn will have information on everything…eventually. This platform will have information on: success, DIY, makeup, finance, sports, home improvement, teaching, animals, photography, business, law, tech, entertainment, architecture, and much much more.

Want to contribute?

This company was created to share information with the world. Infinity Intuition will add content creators at any time! Email John at to learn more about how you can contribute. We’re looking for information that will possibly help somebody in the world looking to learn. You can send in blogs, videos, pictures, interviews, and anything else you might find helpful to the world.

Remember, what you might see as simple, others might have no clue about. Don’t be afraid to share what you know for those who might be looking to learn!infinity intuition

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