Top 4 Places to Visit in France

Travelers around the world,

For those of you who are going to visit France in the future or for anybody needing a bit of guidance deciding where to visit, we have 5 spots you won’t want to miss.


Paris. Yes, it’s incredibly obvious that you need to see Paris when traveling to France. Shown above you can see a picture of the outstanding Eiffel Tower.Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower for an awesome view of the city. But Paris has much, much more to it than the Eiffel Tower.

If you’re into art or a once in a lifetime type of museum, you’re going to want to visit The Louvre. Into history? Check out Notre Dame to see arguably the most spectacular cathedral in the world. (P.S – take the walk up the tower, it’s worth it). Some other great spots to visit in Paris are Versailles Palace, the Catacombs, and Arc de Triomphe. If you have some time, take a walk around the city. You will see people from all around the world, experience more of the culture, and you might even see some amazing street performers.

Don’t forget to try the local food stores in Paris! If you’re coming from anywhere outside of Europe, go look at their McDonald’s menu and compare it to yours back home.

We suggest you reach out to a travel agent and do guided tours when possible. Remember that although you are visiting, safety should come first. We recommend this for any city that’s foreign to you. Paris is a beautiful city, but just like any other city in the world, there will some (not many) people who are not upstanding citizens. Always travel with safety in mind.

If you want to see more of what Paris has to offer, check out U.S News’ article here.

Bordeaux. Some may say it’s known for wine, others may say it’s known for its history. We just think it’s a great place to visit.


Here are some places you’re going to love taking pictures at:

La Grosse Cloche (old mid evil town hall with a history bell and a nice little area to visit). The link above has a translation option for several languages at the top of the page.

Bordeaux Cathedral (a history of royalty).

Grande Theatre de Bordeaux (music, dancing, performance, and the outside is surrounded by some pretty cool statues you won’t want to miss).

Place de la Bourse (probably the most photogenic place you can visit, night or day).

We only gave you 4 to start with. The Crazy Tourist has a great article with 11 more places you can visit. Check that out right here.

Nice. You read it right. Nice, France is absolutely a place you need to visit when traveling to France.


The beaches, the old town, museums, sightseeing, the food, the culture… everything you want in a city. People often think they can visit Nice in one day, we suggest otherwise. The beach (although amazing) is only one part of what this city has to offer.

Check out these two articles from U.S News and The Crazy Tourist (some of our favorite travel sites) to see specifically, what Nice has to offer.

U.S News 13 Best Things to Do in Nice, France

The Crazy Tourist 15 Best Things to Do in Nice, France

You’re going to want to get pictures of the beautiful ocean, Promenade des Anglais, and Castle Hill for sure.

Aix en Provence. If you really want to immerse yourself in French culture, go here. Unlike Paris, things move a bit slower here. Aix en Provence is filled with museums, markets, and plenty of places to eat and relax.



La Grande Marche (markets on markets on markets).

Mont Sainte-Victoire (you’ve seen mountains before, but have you seen this one?).

Cours Mirabeau (relax, meet new people, try new foods, sit down for a drink).

If you’re looking for a different type of scene, Aix en Provence will seem less touristy and more like you are one with the French. We think this is a great place to try out the French you’ve been studying because the people are generally pleasant. Here is more of what you can do in Aix en Provence.

So there you have it. Four AMAZING places to check out when visiting France. Now, we only gave you four. The reality is, it’s a beautiful country with tons of history and culture to experience. There is much more to see than just four awesome locations.


Have any more place you think people should visit? Comment below and let the readers know! The writers here at Infinity Intuition know France as visitors rather than citizens. We would love to hear from those living in France for more ideas on what tourists should visit!

Until next time,

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7 Tips to Safer Driving on Snow Days

If you’re part of the world braving the snow every winter, check this one out. We don’t always want to drive in the snow, but sometimes we have to. As safe as it is to not drive at all during snow days, there will be times we just need to.


Now we’re not snow experts here. We don’t work for tire companies, or snow removal companies, or anybody else who deals with cars in the snow. No, instead we asked around our team as to what we can do to help ourselves drive  in the snow.

We’re going to advise you now to do absolutely everything to obey the law and all state regulations on the road. Wear a seat belt at all times, turn on your headlights and wipers, and drive slow of course.

You know the easy stuff. Seat belt, headlights, wipers, slow driving… it’s all part of driving better in the snow. Here are some tips that might not be so obvious.

  1. Accelerate and Decelerate slowly. Don’t floor it to get started. Don’t slam on the brakes to stop. It’s much easier to lose control by doing both.
  2. If possible, drive along the tracks in front of you. Lucky for us, the people on the road in front of us will create a smoother driving path. You might be able to avoid driving on slippery snow or ice when a path is created in front of us.
  3. Know your brakes. Stopping in snow is obviously tougher than stopping in perfect conditions. Understand what it takes to stop in regular conditions will give you insight into what it will take to stop in the snow. It will take more than twice as long to stop in snowy conditions (According to AAA). To be safe, give yourself, and your brakes even more time than what you’re used to.
  4. If possible, keep going. Stopping in the snow makes it harder to get going again. Unless you have to stop, keep going. Especially up hills. Keep rolling forward unless you need to stop.
  5. Check your tire pressure. The cold actually reduces tire pressure. Driving around with low tire pressure often leads to a blow out. Be sure to check your tire pressure if you know it will snow.
  6. Carry a small shovel with you. It’s not always necessary. But when you know it’s going to snow, put a small shovel in your trunk. Take this a step further by pairing them with gloves and anything else you would want to have in the event your stuck in the snow. It’s better to have and not want than to want and not have. In the event you do get stuck, that shovel might be your saving grace.
  7. Consider driving with chains if the roads will not be plowed. If you’re living in an area that’s a bit more secluded, chains on your tires could prove to be a huge help. Without snow on the ground it will feel as though you’re driving with LEGO tires, but if there is heavy snow on the ground the chains will feel a little smoother. Only use them if the snow is heavy on the roads. Here is a YouTube video on how you can put chains on your tires if needed.

We’re leaving you with 7 tips for now. The truth is, you probably know how to drive safely in the snow. Driving slower than normal, leaving more space in between vehicles, and taking more time to break is probably the best thing you can do. If you don’t have to drive in the snow… stay home!


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Top 5 Places to Visit in Florida

Have you been think about sandy beaches? How about theme parks, cruises, resorts, and a nice tan?

We’ve got just the place for you. Florida comes in our top 5 with nicest states to visit in the U.S. Everything you could want for a vacation, you will find here. Well, maybe not mountains and snow sports. Otherwise, let us show you what Florida has to offer.


We’re going to start with the beautiful sandy beaches. Florida has over 600 miles of them. Because the state is a peninsula, you can find a place to relax overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

On just about all of the beaches you will find some awesome water activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, you name it.

So if you can’t seem to absolutely love any of the destinations we’re about to show you; you can’t go wrong with choosing a beach and taking a trip there.

  1. Walt Disney World

Number 1 may come as no surprise to you. It’s pretty incredible to see all that Disney has to offer. You can go on rides, enjoy the water park, hang out with Disney characters, and watch the castle light up with fireworks at the end of a spectacular day.

Here are 65 things you should see in Disney from

Visit any of Disney’s theme parks like Epcot, ESPN Wide World of Sports, or Magic Kingdom for a vacation you won’t forget.


2. Universal Studios

We have Universal as number 2 because families seem to enjoy both here and Disney at the same time quite often. Universal isn’t the same as Disney, but they are similar.

Head over to Universal to see themes of Marvel comics, Harry Potter, and other great movies. Universal has theme parks such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, and City Walk.

Universal offers rides, water rides, dining, and live shows. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with 1 or 2 when choosing. That’s probably why people usually try to get to both.

If you want to learn more about what you can do in Universal, try this.


3. Key West

Remember those beaches we talked about earlier? We didn’t mention crystal clear water, but you’ll find it here. Key West is one of those places you see on TV often, but rarely get to experience.

Every water activity you could think of, you’re liking to find here. If that doesn’t suit you, try sightseeing, the arts, dining, romantic getaways, and taking a night out on the town.

Learn more about Key West here.


4. Everglades National Park

You knew we had to throw in something with more nature. Seriously, ENP is a spot people don’t think about as much, but should know about when planning a trip.

Become one with nature here. You will be able to see crocodiles, Florida panthers, manatees, sharks, turtles, and many many other species of animals. ENP has guided tours, camping, and sightseeing you can take advantage of. The link next to “4.” has information on visiting this incredible national park.


5. Clearwater

Last on our list (for today) is a part of Florida you might find yourself wanted to move to. Clearwater is located on the west side of Florida with access to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only does it have access to the water, but cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Bradenton are all close by to visit too.

Clearwater has all the water activities you can imagine, great food, shopping, and a downtown area you will fall in love with. If you feel like visiting the Gulf Coast, Clearwater is a great place to start. Here are some attractions you can check out as well.


We’re leaving you with only 5 of our top destinations for today. Believe me, there is ALOT more to Florida that we will write about shortly. If you’re looking to take a memorable trip, or for a romantic getaway… start here.

Let us know if there is anywhere you think everybody should know about!



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Most Common Languages Spoken

We’ve had some people writing in about the best languages they should start learning. So we searched around and found some of the most common languages spoken.


Hopefully this blog can get you started on what languages might be more beneficial to learn if you don’t know where to begin.

If we could offer any advice, learn a language you’re interest in. Is there a country you love to learn about? Is there a country you visit often? Learn about whatever will apply to you.

When you do decide, try these:

Rosetta Stone



Here’s the most common languages we found:

  1. Mandarin Chinese
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish
  5. Arabic
  6. Malay
  7. Russian
  8. Bengali
  9. Portuguese
  10. French

This is our best estimate based on multiple articles and facts. Nobody can seem to agree on a number or order for this list. However, this list popped up quite often.

We want to mention that Japanese, German, and Italian popped up quite often as well.

When you’re thinking about trying out a new language, consider location too.

For example, Mandarin will allow you to speak with more people in Asia than it would Africa. I know it’s a silly example, but if you like traveling to Africa, why would you learn Mandarin unless it was for work.

Speaking Spanish allows you to communicate with people in parts of Europe, the Caribbean, parts of North America, and Latin America mostly.

If you love going to Italy, maybe you should consider learning Italian since you will be there often.

Whatever it is you want to learn, make sure it’s relevant to what you like or what you will experience.

The truth is, this list should not define what language you learn. It’s a start if you don’t have ties to anywhere in the world. Each circumstance is different. Learn whatever will help you live a happier (and possibly easier) life in the long run.

Are you bilingual? Let us know! How did you learn your second language?

Share this post for all the language learners out there!

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Best Spots to Visit In California

We’re back at it with more incredible destinations to visit. Today we’re going to start somewhere everybody knows about, but not everybody has been to… California. A state so big, even the residents of California have to take a vacation to visit the other parts.

We’re not even going to try to list these in order of best- worst. They are all pretty great. Instead, we’re going to go north to south.

  1. Redwood National Park

You will leave this place wanting to take home a tree. Your trip to the Redwoods will make you one with nature.

Hiking, camping, fishing, biking, horseback riding, sightseeing, and animal watching are all part of it. Check out this for more.


2. Sacramento

Nobody really considers Sacramento when they are planning a trip to California. We hope you at least take this city into consideration.

If you have any interest in history, you found your spot. Old towns, government buildings, museums, drive-in movies, and historic theaters are all part of the fun here.

Not into history? That’s okay too. Enjoy the night life out in the city, explore the mountains, rivers, and camping areas, or enjoy the local festivals.

Check out the top 50 things to do in Sacramento here.


3. Yosemite National Park

Talk about beautiful scenery. Yosemite offers views you won’t find anywhere else in this world.

FullSizeRender (2)

(this is actually a photo John took himself visiting Yosemite)

Yosemite offers a similar experience to what you would have in the Redwoods, but with a much different view. Yosemite offers a bit more in terms of what you can do as well. Photographers, head this way, you’re going not going to want to miss this experience.

Click here for more information on Yosemite.

4. San Francisco

A city offering so much, we won’t be able to list it all. Here are some of the main attractions in San Francisco. If we missed any that you love, leave a comment.

Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 (seals!), Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Exploratorium, cable cars, steep roads, Alcatraz, Muir Woods, and Twin Peaks.

Did we cover everything? Definitely not, but you get the gist… San Francisco offers so much to do!

golden gate

(another photo from John – a city so nice, even a terrible photographer can take a nice picture)

5. Death Valley National Park

Hottest, driest, and lowest national park according to the national park website.

You haven’t experienced the desert until you’ve gone here. Don’t let the heat scare you away. This place is awesome too.

If you’ve been stuck inside all winter, experience an open, scenic view here. Death Valley offers guided tours, hiking, camping, and they even have indoor activities too. Taking a drive through Death Valley will want you going back for more too.

Find out more right here.


6. Los Angeles

Do you have a few hours to read everything to do in L.A? Just kidding. Again, we’re going to list the main highlights.

In a broad sense…weather, beach, entertainment, night life, classy living, outdoor activities, and scenery.

Specifically, Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, L.A County Museum of Art, The Grove, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Rodeo Drive, Zuma Beach, and Warner Bros Studios.

We didn’t cover everything, but if you’re thinking of visiting L.A, try some of these places. The best part is that a lot of them are free.


7. Joshua Tree National Park

Simply put, more outdoor activities. This is such a beautiful national park, you will want to stay an extra week.

Hiking, fishing, stargazing, camping, sightseeing, nature watching, rock climbing, horseback riding, slack-lining, and guided tours all at your disposal.

Check out more from Joshua Tree National Park here.


7. San Diego

If you read our blog from a few days ago, San Diego came in as one of the top rated places to visit in the country. Read up on San Diego here for more.

Basically, the city is beautiful, the weather is always nice, the beaches are incredible, the people are happy, the sites are amazing, and you can’t go wrong taking a trip here.

We recommend seeing Seal Beach  or Sunset Cliffs before leaving!


There is much more to do in California than what we listed. However, we just went down the coast naming some great places to start planning a trip.

Californians, we would love to hear about more places to visit if you could comment below!

Don’t forget to share for those people stuck in the office right now dreaming of a vacation.

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4 Great Vacation Destinations for 2018

As we make our way through February, it’s about time to at least consider where we’re going on our summer vacation. After all, it’s not really winter unless we’re dreaming about what we’re going to do in the summer right?

So today we’re going to start with our favorite destinations around the U.S. As this month goes on we will be picking our favorite destination spots around the world and in each state.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is one of the best places you can go to reconnect with the nature you’ve been missing out on all winter. Yellowstone offers a chance to go hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, and pretty much anything else you can image doing outdoors. The only difference between Yellowstone and the woods by your house is really the sites, the volcanoes, the hot springs, the animals, the geysers, the beautiful open plains, the views, and the history of it all. It might just be us here at ~I, but this could be a trip you never forget. pexels-photo-534398.jpeg

Now if you are planning on going, consider the time of the year. Generally, Yellowstone is most crowded in July and August. If you don’t mind the crowds, this is also the warmest time of year. If you want to go when it’s a little bit less crowded, look into May, September, and October when it might be brisk, but definitely manageable.

Here is a link to check out the Yellowstone attendance

And here is a link to see Yellowstone’s monthly temperatures

Click here to find more information on Yellowstone National Park

Did you know Yellowstone was the world’s first national park?

2. Key West, Florida

Maybe your not the camping and hiking type of person. That’s okay, we have the spot for you! Key West is one of the most beautiful beach destinations you will ever visit. Crystal clear water, a tropical island filled with activities, museums, marine life, nightly entertainment, and sightseeing are all part of the experience down in Key West.


According to U.S News, the best time to visit Key West is between the months of March and May. Temperatures start to climb, but it’s not extremely hot just yet. U.S News also reported on the average monthly temperatures and precipitation. During the months of June, August, and September you will see the highest amount of rainfall while March, April, and May stay relatively calm. You can see the article here from U.S News.

If you’re flying down, look into CheapoAir or Expedia for some great deals.

And if you want to know more about visiting Key West, just click here.

Here are some cool facts about Key West

3. Portland, Maine

Talk about options for a vacation. Visiting Portland opens your vacation plans up to a plethora of opportunities. You can head to the beach, visit lighthouses, explore the islands off the coast like Casco Islands by cruise ship or boat,  take a camping or hiking trip, go fishing (and maybe catch some lobsters), go sightseeing, do all of these indoors, or participate in Portland’s festivals.


So if you can’t make up your mind as to what you want to do, but know you want to take a trip, Portland is one of your best options.

We went back to U.S News for their insight as to when the best time to take your vacation to Portland, Maine. Here is the article, but we’ll break it down for you anyway.

Any time from June through August would be best. The average temperature is at it’s hottest while the average precipitation is near it’s lowest.

Whether it’s raining or sunny, hot or cold, Portland is a great place to be.

4. San Diego, California

You’ve seen it on the movie Anchorman, but have you seen how awesome it is in person? San Diego offers an experience that some people can only dream of. There are six different regions of beaches to explore, dozens of fun water and marine activities, and plenty of sunshine. Don’t forget to check out Seal Beach. Not only are the beaches great, but the city itself has some great activities to try as well. Visit San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Downtown, North Park, and South Park for even more fun. One night you might find yourself observing the stars through a telescope outside a museum while other nights you will find yourself watching a show at the theater.


Explore outside of San Diego to see some incredible sights like Joshua Tree National Park, Mission Valley, Old Town, and the desert attractions.

Everybody thinks of San Diego Zoo and Sea World, but this city offers much, much more fun than just those two attractions. Not to mention, San Diego is only about 2 hours from beautiful Los Angeles.

We’re not even going to tell you the weather because it’s gorgeous all year round.

In terms of crowds, San Diego sees less tourists during the months of September through November, so if you can hold off on your vacation, it might be a little bit quieter. However, the summer months are still a great time to visit. San Diego has so many things to do and there are so many miles of beaches that you might not even notice the crowds.

Click here for more information about visiting San Diego

We’re going to leave you with four vacation destinations for now. Check them out and let us know what you think. Check in with us tomorrow for more vacation spots.

Let us know if you have your own vacation spots you think others should visit, or you can write about them yourself!


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Why Experiencing Life is Great for Networking

Hey ~I readers!

I wanted to talk about going out to experience life and how it can actually help in business. Not every day off is a day wasted. Each time you take a vacation is a chance to grow professionally as well. And at the very least, reading this might give you an excuse to take a once in a life time trip and say you wanted to network more. pexels-photo-753626.jpeg

The first and most obvious reason to take a trip or do something fun is for the experience. A boost in your moral is a boost to your professional image. Taking trips and having some fun can actually help boost confidence as well. When we think about our inner self, experiencing life is extremely beneficial.

Thinking of our outer self, each time we step out of work or our home we have a chance to network. Yes, this might goes for anywhere in the world. If you’re working in Philadelphia and take a trip to Hong Kong, you have the ability to network. The same goes for the same person working in Philadelphia who goes out for a cup of coffee in Philadelphia. Every chance you step outside of where you normally are (work and home) you have a chance to meet and speak with other people.

People abroad or even in another area of might turn out to be a helpful resource. Outside of the chance to possibly make a friend, the people you meet outside of your work or home could help you out down the road in your professional life.

I’m not going to go into why networking is important or why networking can help you today. I’m sure you have ideas of your own. If not, maybe I’ll write about it later. I wrote about networking briefly in my book “A Student-Athlete’s Guide to Excellence” as well if you had a chance to read that. Regardless of how you find out, make sure you understand how important networking can be. Quite often it’s not what you know, but who you know.

So why will traveling somewhere or taking a vacation help us network? Simple put, it makes you more interesting. I know we live in a world where we wish nobody would judge us, but they do. The world judges us. People complaining about it are usually the people being judged negatively while others let the world see them in a positive light. Experiencing life increases our chances of positive light judgement. People will want to talk to you, ask you questions, and for a moment, live in your shoes. Your life experience make people want to gravitate toward you.

Think about the last time you heard of somebody you knew traveling the world or other countries. You were pretty interested right? So were your other friends or colleagues.

Next time you’re thinking about taking that vacation to somewhere you’ve never been, consider how it could also benefit your life at home and work. Next time you have a chance to sit in a coffee shop you’ve never been in to read the morning paper, take up the opportunity to meet new people. It really doesn’t matter where you’re meeting people as long as you’re meeting them.

Sharing your life experiences with others doesn’t always have to be about work and what you saw on the internet that day. To be honest with you, those of you who are taking those once in a life time trips are probably the people others would rather hear from anyway.

Final thoughts: don’t hold back enjoying your life. Your life experiences might wind up helping you at work also.

Til next time,


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