Way Too Early Fantasy Football

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Way Too Early Rankings PPR


  1. Aaron Rodgers (GB)
  2. Tom Brady (NE)
  3. Russell Wilson (SEA)
  4. Carson Wentz (PHI)
  5. Deshaun Watson (HOU)
  6. Drew Brees (NO)
  7. Kirk Cousins (MIN)
  8. Cam Newton (CAR)
  9. Andrew Luck (IND)
  10. Ben Roethlisburger (PIT)
  11. Matt Stafford (DET)
  12. Jared Geoff (LAR)
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)
  14. Patrick Mahomes (KC)
  15. Phillip Rivers (LAC)



  1. Todd Gurley (LAR)
  2. Le’Veon Bell (PIT)
  3. Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)
  4. David Johnson (ARI)
  5. Saquon Barkley (NYG)
  6. Alvin Kamara (NO)
  7. Kareem Hunt (KC)
  8. Leonard Fournette (JAX)
  9. Melvin Gordon (LAC)
  10. Dalvin Cook (MIN)
  11. LeSean McCoy (BUF)
  12. Jordan Howard (CHI)
  13. Christian McCaffery (CAR)
  14. Davonta Freeman (ATL)
  15. Jerrick McKinnon (MIN)
  16.  Kenyan Drake (MIA)
  17. Mark Ingram (NO)
  18. Jay Ajayi (PHI)
  19. Darrius Guice (WAS)
  20. Derek Henry (TEN)



  1. Antonio Brown (PIT)
  2. DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG)
  4. Keenan Allen (LAC)
  5. Michael Thomas (NO)
  6. Julio Jones (ATL)
  7. Davante Adams (GB)
  8. Mike Evans (TB)
  9. AJ Green (CIN)
  10. Tyreek Hill (KC)
  1. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
  2. Doug Baldwin (SEA)
  3. Adam Thielen (MIN)
  4. Demaryius Thomas (DEN)
  5. Alshon Jeffery (PHI)
  6. Jarvis Landry (CLE)
  7. Stefon Diggs (MIN)
  8. T.Y. Hilton (IND)
  9. Robert Woods (LAR)
  10. Allen Robinson (CHI)



  1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)
  2. Travis Kelce (KC)
  3. Zach Ertz (PHI)
  4. Jimmy Graham (GB)
  5. Evan Engram (NYG)
  6. Hunter Henry (LAC)
  7. Delanie Walker (TEN)
  8. Greg Olsen (CAR)
  9. Jordan Reed (WAS)
  10. Kyle Rudolph (MIN)
  11. Jack Doyle (IND)
  12. Trey Burton (CHI)
  13. David Njoku (CLE)
  14. George Kittle (SF)
  15. Cameron Brate (TB)


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Ryan Cerino



Pepper’s NHL Playoff Rundown

The wait is finally over, playoff hockey is here!

The NHL postseason is one of the most exciting times of the year and it won’t disappoint. Some teams were able to lock up their playoff position a while ago and other teams needing the last game of the regular season to lock up their spot.

playoffs nhl.jpg


It’s been a whirlwind of a year from the Nashville Predators winning the President’s Trophy to the newly added Vegas Golden Knights making history as they made the playoffs in their first year as a NHL team.

With that being said, there are a few questions looming over certain teams as the begin their pursuit for the Stanley Cup. Can the Pittsburgh Penguins win their third Stanley Cup Championship in a row? Can the Vegas Golden Knights continue to make history as they look for a deep playoff run? Will the Washington Capitals finally make it to the finals? Can the Nashville Predators get retribution for last year’s Stanley Cup finals upset? This is just the beginning…I will be taking you all on a trip through the first round of the playoffs, with an inside look at each matchup as well as my predictions for each series.

Nashville Predators (1) vs Colorado Avalanche (WC2)

Regular season records- NSH: 53-18-11 117pts

   COL: 43-30-9 95pts

Season Series: 10/17/17 NSH 4, COL 1

11/18/17 NSH 5, COL 2

3/4/18 NSH 4, COL 3 (OT)

3/16/18 NSH 4, COL 2

On the Lookout- NSH: Viktor Arvidsson (29G, 61PTS)

   COL: Nathan MacKinnon (39G, 97PTS)

Goalies: NSH- Pekka Rinne 42-13-4, GAA- 2.31, SV%- .927

 COL- Semyon Varlamov 24-16-6, GAA- 2.68, SV%- .920

My Prediction: Nashville Predators win in 5 games

With the Predators sweeping the Avalanche in the regular season they have a huge advantage in this matchup. However, I don’t see a series sweep the first round. The Avalanche still have enough fire power to keep up with the Predators, but I just don’t see it being enough to solve Pekka Rinne. The Predators have been a power house this year and I believe they will continue and defeat the Avalanche.

Winnipeg Jets (2) vs Minnesota Wild (3)

Regular season records- WPG: 52-20-10 114pts

   MIN: 45-26-11 104pts

Season Series: 10/20/17 WPG 4, MIN 3

10/31/17 WPG 2, MIN 1

11/27/17 WPG 7, MIN 2

1/13/18 MIN 4, WPG 1

On the Lookout: WPG- Patrik Laine (44G, 70PTS)

   MIN- Eric Staal (42G, 76PTS)

Goalies: WPG- Connor Hellebuyck 44-11-9, GAA- 2.36, SV%- .924

  MIN- Devan Dubnyk 35-16-7, GAA- 2.52, SV%- .918

My Prediction: Winnipeg Jets win in 6 games

The Jets won the regular season series 3-1 and for the most part the games were close in score. Winnipeg has the rookie Patrik Laine who had a breakout year being a major force to the Jets offense. The Minnesota Wild isn’t a team to take lightly however. I believe the Wild will give the Jets a hard-fought series, but not enough to close it out.

Vegas Golden Knights (1) vs LA Kings (WC1)

Regular season records- VGK: 51-24-7 109pts

   LAK: 45-29-8 98pts

Season Series: 11/19/17 VGK 4, LAK 2

12/28/17 VGK 3, LAK 2 (OT)

2/26/18 LAK 3, VGK 2 (OT)

2/27/18 LAK 4, VGK 1

On the Lookout: VGK- William Karlsson (43G, 78PTS)

   LAK- Anze Kopitar (35G, 92PTS)

Goalies: VGK- Marc-Andre Fleury 29-13-4, GAA- 2.24, SV%- .927

  LAK- Jonathan Quick 33-28-3, GAA- 2.40, SV%- .921

My Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights win in 6 games

The Golden Knights have taken the NHL by storm. They have put together a record breaking year with wins, overall points and making playoffs in their first year. The team of misfits have really come together to become a top competitive dark horse of the league. They also have 3x Stanley Cup Champion Marc-Andre Fleury in between the pipes giving the Golden Knights the knowledge about what it takes to be a champion. On the other hand, they are playing a team who won it all in 2012 and 2014. It will an exciting series to watch. One where I believe the Golden Knights will continue their historic season as they win their first ever playoff series.

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs San Jose Sharks (3)

Regular season records- ANA: 44-25-13 101pts

   SJS: 45-27-10 100pts

Season Series: 11/4/17 SJS 2, ANA 1 (SO)

11/20/17 ANA 3, SJS 2 (SO)

1/21/18 SJS 6, ANA 2

2/11/18 SJS 3, ANA 2 (SO)

On the Lookout: ANA- Rickard Rakell (34G, 69PTS)

   SJS- Logan Couture (34G, 61PTS)

Goalies: ANA- John Gibson 31-18-7, GAA- 2.43, SV%- .926

  SJS- Martin Jones 30-22-6, GAA- 2.55, SV%- .915

My Prediction: San Jose Sharks win in 7 games

Three out of the four games these two teams played against each other had to go to a shootout. These two teams have played each other tough. Being two out of the three teams in California there is already a rivalry between the two and matching up in the first round will only add fuel to the fire. This series is going to be a long hard-fought battle one in which I see the Sharks coming out on top. This is also my first upset prediction in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Lightning (1) vs New Jersey Devils (WC2)

Regular season record- TBL: 54-23-5 113pts

  NJD: 44-29-9 97pts

Season Series: 10/17/17 NJD 5, TBL 4 (SO)

2/17/18 NJD 4, TBL 3

3/24/18 NJD 2, TBL 1

On the Lookout: TBL- Nikita Kucherov (39G, 100PTS)

   NJD- Taylor Hall (39G, 93PTS)

Goalies: TBL- Andrei Vasilevskiy 44-17-3, GAA- 2.62, SV%- .920

  NJD- Keith Kinkaid 26-10-3, GAA- 2.77, SV%- .913

My Prediction: Tampa Bay Lightning win in 7 games

This is the only series in the first round where the two teams only played each other three times in the regular season. The Devils swept the Lightning in the regular season. Being one of the only teams to hand the Lightning 3 losses. The Lightning have been building the past few years and it finally has brought them to be one of the top competitors in the playoffs this year. The Devils have turned it around from last year being one of the bottom two teams in the NHL to making the playoffs. They’ve had the Lightning’s number this year, however I think the Lightning will strike and end the Devils season.

Boston Bruins (2) vs Toronto Maples Leafs (3)

Regular season records- BOS: 50-20-12 112pts

   TOR: 49-26-7 105pts

Season Series: 11/10/17 TOR 3, BOS 2 (OT)

11/11/17 TOR 4, BOS 1

2/3/18 BOS 4, TOR 1

2/24/18 TOR 4, BOS 3

On the Lookout: BOS- David Pastrnak (35G, 80PTS)

   TOR- James Van Riemsdyk (36G, 54PTS)

Goalies: BOS- Tuukka Rask 34-14-5, GAA- 2.36, SV%- .917

  TOR- Frederik Anderson 38-21-5, GAA- 2.81, SV%- .918

My Prediction: Toronto Maple Leafs win in 6 games

This series bring an old and long-lasting rivalry back into the light. Two of the Original Six NHL teams will be set to battle it out in the first round of these playoffs. The regular season saw the Maple Leafs take the series 3-1 and I believe that even with the fire power and the acquisition of Rick Nash Boston won’t be able to take down the Leafs ending a successful year for the Bruins. This is my second upset of the first round.

Washington Capitals (1) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (WC1)

Regular season record- WSH: 49-26-7 105pts

 CBJ: 45-30-7 97pts

Season Series: 12/2/17 WSH 4, CBJ 3

2/6/18 WSH 3, CBJ 2

2/9/18 WSH 4, CBJ 2

2/26/18 CBJ 5, WSH 1

On the Lookout: WSH- Alexander Ovechkin (49G, 87PTS)

  CBJ- Artemi Panarin (27G, 82PTS)

Goalies: WSH- Philipp Grubauer 15-10-3, GAA- 2.35, SV%- .923

  CBJ- Sergei Bobrovsky 37-22-6, GAA- 2.42, SV%- .921

My Prediction: Washington Capitals win in 6 games

In the preseason the Capitals were nowhere near the conversations involving the winner of the Metropolitan Division and here they are sitting on top. Ovechkin came just 1 goal short of another 50-goal season scoring two in the last game of the season. Washington has had a few upsetting playoff runs in past years. They’re looking to change that with a team that on paper is a step down from last year, but anything can happen when you have number 8 on the ice. Columbus is looking to have a deep playoff run of their own, but in the end, I believe the Capitals will end the Blue Jackets season early.

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs Philadelphia Flyers (3)

Regular season record- PIT: 47-29-6 100pts

 PHI: 42-26-14 98pts

Season Series: 11/27/17 PIT 5, PHI 4 (OT)

1/2/18 PIT 5, PHI 1

3/7/18 PIT 5, PHI 2

3/25/18 PIT 5, PHI 4

On the Lookout: PIT- Evgeni Malkin (42G, 98PTS)

  PHI- Claude Giroux (34G, 102PTS)

Goalies: PIT- Matt Murray 27-16-3, GAA- 2.92, SV%- .907

  PHI- Brian Elliott 23-11-7, GAA- 2.66, SV%- .909

My Prediction: Pittsburgh Penguins win in 5 games or Philadelphia Flyers win in 7 games

The battle for Pennsylvania. Flyers versus Penguins is always a hard-hitting, nail-biting playoff series no matter what happens in the regular season. This year the Penguins swept the Flyers winning the series 4-0 scoring 5 goals in each game. Even though the Penguins had the Flyers number there is always something about this playoff matchup that never lets any fan base down. This will be an interesting series to watch. The Flyers are looking to have a healthy goaltender for this run as it always seems to be the position haunting them. The Penguins are looking for a three peat, but the Flyers are looking to end that dream early. These are two teams that do not like each other so expect a battle of a series. I have two separate predictions for this series. The way the regular season went I see the Penguins beating the Flyers in 5, but being a Flyers fan, I believe if the Flyers win the series it’ll have to be in 7 games.

That is everything you need to know about all the matchups in the first round of the NHL playoffs. I’m expecting a very fast pace and enjoyable first round. Each one of these series are going to be interesting and exciting in their own way. Not one matchup will be a letdown for any fan watching. Enjoy round 1 of the playoffs and stay tuned for the second round as I will have all of my predictions and insiders once the first round is over!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Contributor  

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Flyers vs. Penguins

In my last post I was talking about a buzz in the city post Super Bowl 52. I wasn’t sure if we would ever lose another game, and since then we have had two of our big four sports teams clinch playoff spots, and Villanova won the National championship. If you think this is business as usual in the city of Philadelphia then you need to wake up and smell the playoff tulips.

Image result for flyers vs penguins

(Photo courtesy of www.phillyvoice.com)

The Philadelphia Flyers are first to accept the baton from Villanova’s dominant March run, and they hand they have been dealt is, lets just say the road will not be easy. This is a rivalry that is older than hockey, this is homegrown hatred right here the battle for the soul of our very own Keystone state, this is Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia. The big city vs. the once great steel city, now just a hub for alcohol abuse, poorly cooked chicken wings, and a hockey team lead by Tinker Bell’s pre-pubescent love child, yup Sidney Crosby. Penguins v Flyers is more than a playoff series, it more than a storied rivalry, this is a battle for pride in the east, and amongst two cities that will never stop fighting to be the sports team that Harrisburg should be fans of.

Philadelphia has something special going these days, and ill be damned if that damn black and yellow city of fools is going to be the one to end it. So without further delay, here is my preview of the series that will kick off this 2018 Playoffs for Lord Stanley’s Cup!

The opponent:

Forwards:  Everyone knows about the big three for the Pens: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Kessel. These guys score a lot, and they make everyone on the ice better around them, but here’s something you might not know about one of the three stars wearing black and gold. Phil Kessel’s sister is better than him…seriously the dude gets his ass beat on the ice constantly by his little sister who has a gold medal, and has NEVER lost an NHL game. Neither are claims Phil can make I think it pretty clear who has the edge there, and we don’t have one guy on our team that has a sister better than them. This is a pretty huge edge the flyer need to exploit.

In all honesty this is a deadly attack, and if they get power play opportunity they will capitalize, so there’s the key to riding out the storm, stay out of the box!

Grade- (A-)

Defense: While their defense can absolutely struggle to clear the crease and force turnovers, they are very good at making passes to those dangerous forwards. Best way to nullify that is a good forecheck, and constant offensive pressure. Kris Letang & Justin Schultz have been longtime thorns in the side of flyers fans, but this series they fall!

Grade- (B)

Goalie: Matthew Murray is a very inconsistent goaltender that has the bad game ability the flyers need to take advantage of, but here’s the problem. Hes one of those guys that just finds another level after the regular season, and the kid can be as lights out as anyone come playoff time, if the flyers want to get it passed him they will have to shoot the puck as much as possible, cannot be waiting for the perfect pass, because this guy can save it.

Grade (B)

The Flyers!


The flyers have been hit by a bolt of lightning in the form of two young spry skaters. Nolan Patrick, and Travis Konechny have been absolute dynamos this year and they are only getting better. They didn’t put up the number you will see from Malkin and Kessel, but one day they will. They are part of the future of this league, and just like their captain I think they are about to have their breakout moments in their first playoff appearance. And speaking of the captain! If it wasn’t for wonder boy Connor Mcdavid in Edmunton I would say hes a lock for the Hart Trophy. Over 100 points for the first time in his career he lead this team in everything from heart, goals, assists, and attitude. There was a little whisper in Philadelphia about him not being the leader he needs to be, well he shut that shit down with an iron fist this year, and if he plays the way he usually does in the playoffs the flyers have every reason to believe they can win this series.

Grade (B+)


The Flyers have two of the best young defensemen in the league and that is not the opinion of a bias Philly fan this is league recognized talent. Ivan Proverov has the best Defensive instincts I have ever seen on a 21 year old in his second year, he is a force to be reckoned with, and he will push anyone off the puck in any situation. Shayne Gostisbere may as well be a forward the way he rips pucks at the net, and as he grows on the defensive side of the puck he is becoming the new standard for offensive Blue liners in the league. Unfortunately the buck kind of stops there. Depth is an issue in our Defensive pairings and will be a problem against the Pens fire power.

Grade (B-)


All signs point to Brian Elliot as of now. The coach hasn’t tipped his hand yet, but the free agent signing from the off season who came over from the blues has had serious spirits of genius in net this season. Unfortunately a lengthy injury in the middle of the year threw off that momentum, and his return to the ice didn’t go as well as he had hoped. The potential is there, he just has to get hot fast and stay that way.

Grade (B-)

I think this series goes 6 games, and in the end the determining factor is whether or not the flyers can clear their own zone when they have leads, and control the puck in the offensive zone. Staying out of the box is important, but scoring goals, and commanding the flow of this series is more important. If they steal one from Pittsburgh in the first two  games, I think the flyer win the series!

Go Flyers!

Go Sixers!!

Go Phillies!!!

This city is alive, and anything can happen. The Eagles proved that. Lets earn, lets unite or die!


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John’s NHL Bracket

We’re still in bracket mode over here at Infinity Intuition. Here is what I think the NHL playoffs will look like.

nhl bracket.jpg

Round 1


Tampa wins 4-1

Boston wins 4-2

Washington wins 4-2

Pittsburgh wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-0

Winnipeg wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-1

San Jose wins 4-1

Round 2


Boston wins 4-3

Washington wins 4-2


Nashville wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-2

Round 3


Washington wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-1

Stanley Cup

Nashville wins 4-1

In these predictions:

My toughest pick: Boston over Tampa Bay. I think the Lightening are great and if they can overcome Boston, they can make it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, Boston has a tradition of winning, and simply finding ways to win. If I had to pick another tough match up, it would have been the San Jose and Anaheim series. Anaheim is hot right now, but I just have a hunch it might not last.

My easiest pick: Nashville over Colorado. I feel like Nashville is great on so many levels and Colorado will have a tough time keeping up.


Photo courtesy of NHL.com

Stay tuned for more predictions from our authors here at Infinity Intuition!

Til next time,


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Phillies Spring Training

Hello Friends,

So it is that magical time of year again. The time that most red blooded Americas cannot wait for, when those amazing words “Pitchers and Catchers report” are uttered. Spring Training is here, and the hills are alive with baseball!!! I personally took a trip down to the baseball carnival that is Clearwater Florida. My boss John Brocious thought about fronting the bill for the trip but then decided that me gathering great content for this blog was on me and he would have no part of footing the pennies for it. Just kidding he didn’t even know I went. But as I entered that beautiful facility, and gazed upon infield drills, and bunting practice (the only time of the year that any respectable major leaguer will be bothered with drills so elementary), I thought about the Phillies season to come. Here’s where I think we stand in 2018. Position by position I have marked the Phils for their current MLB grade.


Outfield – This is going to be one of our strengths this year, and while we don’t have the cash cow golden buyout outfield like the Yankees do, the Phils are looking at developing some seriously promising young talent in the outer rim positions this year. Left field will most likely be host to the most exciting prospect since the Utley, Rollins, & Howard era, Rhys Hoskins. If you missed the last 3 months of the 2017 season it’s time for you to climb out of the uncivilized crevice you call a home and enjoy the moon blast phenom that is Mr. Hoskins. Rhys was on pace to put up numbers that don’t exist in baseball. He clubbed HRs in 7 consecutive games in 2017, and is officially the fastest to hit 10  through 17 HRs in MLB history. He finished with 18 HRs and 48 RBIs and only played 50 games, which put him on a pace for 58 bombs, and 158 RBI’s. Numbers Phillies faithful cannot expect in 2018, but if the youngster can pump out something to the tune of 35-40 Hrs and anywhere in 100 RBI range, we will be just fine. He is “out of position” coming up through the farm system as a 1b, and only learning outfield in the majors due to a team need, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as we have learned in the past from greats like Pat Burrell (GOAT), Albert Pujols, and Carlos Lee to name a few. The red pinstripes look to develop young talents such as Nick Williams (acquired in the Cole Hammels trade) Aaron Altheer, and Roman Quinn as well during this ever critical 2018 season. And finally the ever controversial Oddubl “El Torrito” Herrera. As you read some of my blogs you will notice that there is no player in the majors that I find less appealing than this ignorant pompas d-bag, who refuses to learn/respect the game that has made his life that of a baseball dream. A player with immense talent for the position and a great propensity for the daily grind of hitting, Oddubel is a classic argument for why the new wave of “vibrant” baseball can be a negative as much as a positive. He constantly makes base-running blunders, and cannot seem to understand why the most basic of baseball rules has been established, and that is hitting the GD cutoff, as he consistently grants other teams free bases, and consequently runs. He is a real catch 22 as he drives doubles all over the field creating a spark the Phillies so desperately need, and then continues to show up the opposing pitcher, run into outs, and give up on at bats game after game. There’s no doubt that with the right leader, and mentoring he could be an everyday threat in any MLB lineup, and my hands to the baseball gods, I pray that we have found just the guy in Veteran Slugger Carlos Santana.

2018 Outfield Grade : B

Infield – The red and white are in a transition from lack luster to possibly productive, and are a few prospects panning out from being a damn good infield. Third baseman Maikel Franco is in the biggest “show me” season of his career, where he will need to improve on his abysmal .230 BA from 2017 if he wants to be a big leaguer past 2018. My hopes aren’t high, but like Herrera the thought is that a fellow Dominican Republic Veteran, can put him on the right path especially at the plate. Which bring us to the Phillies big FA signing at first base, Carlos Santana, who is a consummate hitters hitter. The man has batted from both sides for all of 8 seasons with the Cleveland Indians, and looks to show a young crew how it’s really done. He will be a big part of the success or lack there of in the upcoming season. The most important part of this infield for Philadelphia, will be the development of the middle infield. Cesar Hernandez looks to start the year as the everyday second baseman, but the two guys that everyone is ready to see step into starting roles, are long awaited prospect J.P Crawford, and upstart hotshot Scott Kingery. The obvious comparison being the all-time great pairing of Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley manning the middle. Hopes and prayers across the Delaware Valley look for these two to become any bit of what the 2008 heroes were to our double play portion of the infield. Kingery is making the minors look like high school, and history shows that Crawford needs about 200 at bats at every level before he settles into the contact on base machine we need him to be. Look for these two to be up the middle for years to come if Phillies fans get their way.

2018 Infield grade : C+

Catcher – When discussing catching there are a million intangibles, but the one that every fan, half a fan, and casual ballpark hot dog consumer, understands is, does that man have an absolute rifle behind the dish. And guys….Jorge Alfaro has just that. He needs to learn how to receive, and call the game a little bit better, which can be learned. And that is why I implore the Phillies suit and tie men to buy out Carlos Ruiz’ contract with Seattle and make that man a lifer in Red by giving him a fat Catcher coaches deal Let him teach this youngster how to play the position, because if he does look out. Jorge has something that Carlos never did, which is the ability to consistently launch the baseball off the damn video board in left field, I mean this man can really put a hurting on a fastball.

2018 Catcher Grade : B-

I wont bore you with the Bullpen, just know that Matt Klentak has bolstered it by bringing in young live arms and old veteran quirky arms that keep us afloat, and in the hunt. But no bullpen is complete without a closer, and we don’t have a great one so its still eeeehhhhhhh….

2018 Bullpen Grade : C-

Starting Rotation – I wrote this blog exactly 12 hours after the Phillies made their second big FA splash of this offseason, with the Signing of former CY Young winner Jake Arietta, this team’s rotation immediately moves from a work in progress with trouble at the back to a strong front steady rotation….with you know, trouble at the back. Aaron Nola, and Jake Arrieta have such an interesting combination of youth, experience, power pitching, and deadly control that they make one of this league’s best 1-2 punch at the front end. With Jarred Eickoff’s power curve, and electric fastball manning the middle, this team teeters on a hope that Vinny Velasquez (also a Cole Hamels deal acquisition) can find his form as a starter and yes, you all know it knock on wood. If the front end of this rotation holds up, and the phillies can pin together early series wins, they may just be looking at a team that is well above .500 come August. We may just be looking to buy rather than sell to give us fans some well-earned October baseball. That being said the battle for the 5th spot and looming possibility of a young arms still being inconsistent keep us dangerously close to being a very average team.

2018 Starting rotation Grade : B+

The Phillies are just as much bitten by the Super Bowl bug as every other team in this City, and I cannot wait to watch them take the diamond this season, which is why I have purchased the most amazingly gratifying deal ever (Phillies spring pass 15 games for $50). We are going to be watching what will hopefully be our 2007 first time playoff Phils launch into the magic that was 2008. I think we have one more year of maturing, but this team has a big opportunity to be great, and it’s going to be a blast to watch. Happy Spring Training everyone, can’t wait to hear that gentleman in blue say those beautiful words for the first time this April…”Play Ball!!!!”


Philadelphia Sports Content Creator



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Why Should You Play Fantasy Football?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. on the same team?  Well you do not have to wonder anymore with fantasy football.


Right before the NFL season kicks off you go through my favorite part of fantasy football, drafting your own team with NFL players of your choice. Now a lot of people check out early during the NFL season due to a grueling performance from their favorite team that doesn’t even have them in the playoff race.

For example, my favorite team is the New York Giants, and we all saw the disaster of a season they had. Yet I was still glued to the television every Sunday to watch Todd Gurley and Antonio Brown tear it up. Fantasy Football makes it so if your favorite team is having a down year it will not ruin the entire NFL season that we all love. In my opinion fantasy football is a reason why some of these perennial bad teams and small market teams are not totally tanking in ratings.  Lets be honest, who really wanted to watch the Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals this year if you were not a fan of either team? The answer, DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Green owners!

This hobby has taken overall bad teams with great players and made them relevant to us, even though they are not relevant in the NFL standings. So if you decide to join the millions in the race for fantasy football glory check back with me here after the draft to analyze the rookies and who might be worth a pick in your 2018 Fantasy Draft.

Ryan Cerino

Infinity Intuition

Fantasy Football Content Creator



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Lightning Strikes in Tampa

            TB goalPicture Courtesy of NHL.com


After a blowout loss on Thursday to the Carolina Hurricanes (29-25-11), the Philadelphia Flyers (34-20-11) look to get back on the winning side of things as they take on the top team in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning (45-17-4). Today, the Flyers look to figure their offense out as they’ve only scored 1 goal in two games. The Lightning have to top offense in the NHL so, the Flyers needed a game plan to keep them in check. The starting goaltenders for the day were Petr Mrazek, for the Flyers, and Vezina candidate Andrei Vasilevskiy for the Lightning.

The start of the game needed to be pedal to the metal for the Flyers and they got off to a great start with a little help from the Lightning. At the 6:22 mark, Andrei Vasilevskiy tripped Taylor Leier to send the Flyers to the first powerplay of the game. Then with a 1:15 left in the powerplay Claude Giroux passed the puck to Nolan Patrick (10) who tipped the puck into the net to give the Flyers the 1-0 lead. Giroux (54) and Jakub Voracek (57) got the assists. Then, Giroux was called for a slashing penalty against Yanni Gourde to send the Lightning on their first powerplay of the game. 1:08 after the Flyers goal, the Lightning set up in the Flyers zone and Steven Stamkos took a slap shot a put it passed Mrazek for his 26th goal of the year and on the powerplay. Victor Hedman (37) and Nikita Kucherov (50) had the assists on the goal. The game tied 1-1, it was non-stop after that. 14:30 into the period the Lightning turned the puck over to Voracek who shot the puck, got the rebound, shot again and scored his 14th goal of the year. Nolan Patrick (10) caused the turnover and got the lone assist on the play taking back the lead 2-1. The Flyers didn’t stop there. With a 1:53 left in the period, the Flyers were charging into the Lightning zone and Robert Hagg (3) went to the middle of the ice, took a wrist shot and scored to give the Flyers a 3-1 lead. Scott Laughton (9) and Ivan Provorov (19) got the helpers on the goal. The shot total at the end of the period was 14-6 in favor of the Flyers.

The Flyers looked to continue the offensive power that they had in the 1st period, but it didn’t start off that way. 5:57 into the period, Victor Hedman took a shot from the corner and it went off Valtteri Filppula and into the net for Hedman’s 10th goal of the season. It was an unfortunate bounce for the Flyers. Stamkos (48) and Kucherov (51) got the assists to cut the lead to 3-2. Trying to hold onto the lead, the Lightning had the momentum and they were riding it. The puck bounced off the wall and onto the stick of Dan Girardi who took a slapshot and scored for his 4th of the season and his first time against the Flyers in his career. Stamkos (49) and Hedman (38) got the assists on the goal to tie the game at 3-3. Shortly after, there was a delayed call against the Lightning and the Flyers had possession in the offensive zone. Jori Lehtera danced around a couple players and took a simple wrist shot with traffic in front and scored his 2nd goal of the year. Jordan Weal (10) and Filppula (18) got the assists to help put the Flyers up 4-3. The period ended with a shot total of 11-10 in favor of the Flyers.

The 3rd period started off once again in the Flyers favor. There was a faceoff in the Lightning zone and the Flyers won the faceoff. The puck was dropped back to Provorov who walked towards the net, shot the puck and scored his 12th of the season to put the Flyers up 5-3. Filppula (19) had the only assist on the goal by winning the faceoff. After the early goal the game shifted towards the Lightning. At 4:23 into the period the Lightning went into the Flyers zone shot the puck, but Mrazek saved it and let up a rebound. J.T. Miller (14) took the rebound and scored his first as a Lightning. Gourde (28) and Brayden Point (30) got the assists and the goal once again cutting the lead 5-4. It was all Lightning for most of this period. At 7:38 into the period the Lightning had a two-on-one and Stamkos was there to bury the puck for his second of the night and his 27th of the year. Kucherov (52) and Alex Killorn (27) got the assists to help tie the game 5-5, as the Flyers watched their two-goal lead go away. But, it didn’t stop there. The Lightning once again had the puck in the Flyers zone and Hedman (11) came in, took a slapshot and it went through the 5-hole of Mrazek to give the Lightning their first lead of the game at 6-5. Stamkos (50) had the only helper on the play. It was the Lightning’s 3rd goal on 5 shots. With time winding down the Flyers were in desperate need of a goal to tie the game and force it to overtime, the puck was in the Lightning zone and the Flyers had control. Voracek went to pass the puck across ice and it hit a Lightning player who was tangled up with Provorov. Provorov dove to hit the puck to Couturier who then passed it to Giroux and he put the puck in the net for his 23rd goal of the year. Couturier (34) and Provorov (20) got the assists to tie the game up at 6-6. It was the 5th time the game was tied. The period ended with a shot total of 15-14 in favor of the Lightning.

The game being tied at 6 with regulation not being enough brought it to overtime. The Flyers have a record of 8-5 and the Lightning’s record is 5-2 in overtime period this season. The OT period saw an early penalty on Kucherov to give the Flyers a 4-on-3 powerplay. After the, the Flyers dominated most of the period, but Vasilevskiy answered everything the Flyers threw at him. At the end of the period the Lightning managed a couple shots, but to no prevail. The period ended with a tied 4-4 shot total which kind of followed the theme of the game today. The game shot total was 43-35 in favor of the Flyers.

When the overtime period wasn’t enough it was up to the shootout to determine who got the all-important 2nd point of the game. Going into the shootout the Flyers had a record of 2-5 and the Lightning had a 4-2 record. The results of the shootout are as follows:

Round 1:

TBL: Cory Conacher- SAVE

PHI: Sean Couturier- SAVE

Round 2:

TBL: Brayden Point- GOAL

PHI: Nolan Patrick- SAVE

Round 3:

TBL: Steven Stamkos- GOAL

Stamkos scored the game winner in the shootout capping off his 1st career 5-point game to give the Lightning a 7-6 win over the Flyers. This was the 3rd and final meeting between the two teams before the playoffs start.

The Flyers next game is tomorrow at 3pm against the Florida Panthers (31-25-6). It is the 3rd and final meeting between the two teams. The first game was back in October where the Flyers won 5-1 and the second game was in December where the Panther won 3-2. This 3rd game will decide the season series between the two. Having gone to a shootout today it gave the Flyers 1 point to put them 3 points ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins (36-25-4) and tied for 1st place with the Washington Capitals (36-21-7) with 79 points apiece. The Flyers look to the New York Islanders (29-29-7) who play the Penguins and the Toronto Maple Leafs (39-20-7) who play the Capitals for some help. They need both the Capitals and Penguins to lose tonight to help their case for 1st place in the Metropolitan Division. The Flyers need a win in Florida tomorrow as the look to climb the ladder in the standings. Can they get the help from the Leafs and Islanders? Will they drop 3 in a row to the Panthers tomorrow? Can they get back on the winning side? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Content Contributor

Hurricanes Blow Flyers Away

          HurricanesPicture Courtesy of NHL.com


The Philadelphia Flyers (34-20-10) took on the Carolina Hurricanes (28-25-11) on Thursday night. The Flyers were looking to make it 7 straight wins in a row and the Hurricanes were looking to break a 6-game losing streak. The Flyers have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL as of late climbing all the way back up into the 1st place position in The Metropolitan Division brief time. The Hurricanes have been fighting to get into the playoff picture. It’s a must win game for the Flyers to keep their momentum going and continue the 10-0-1game streak, including the 11-game point streak. The game saw Petr Mrazek in goal for the Flyers and Cam Ward in goal for the Hurricanes.

The 1st period started off with an early penalty against the Flyers, a high-sticking minor on Taylor Leier against Derek Ryan. This gave the Hurricanes the first powerplay of the game, but were unsuccessful. However, just one second after the powerplay was over there was a shot on net and Mrazek thought he had it, but it dropped behind him. The former Flyer, Justin Williams, picked up the garbage and put the puck in the net for his 11th goal of the season. Jeff Skinner (19) and Jaccob Slavin (14) both got the assists giving the Hurricanes the early 1-0 lead. The period ended with a shot total of 12-7 in favor of the Hurricanes.

The Flyers look to start the 2nd period on a better note as they try to tie the game up and get the lead. Unfortunately, the 2nd period started just like the 1st. 5:39 into the period, Teuvo Teravainen (17) had accepted a pass from Sebastian Aho from behind the net and fired it passed Mrazek for a 2-0 lead for the Hurricanes. Aho (27) and Justin Faulk (18) got the helpers on the goal. So, the Flyers at this point were trying to minimize the damage to keep themselves in the game. The Hurricanes were controlling in the Flyers’ zone and a shot from the point was deflected in the net from, once again, the former Flyer Justin Williams (12). Brett Pesce (13) and Jordan Staal (21) had the assists on the goal and now the Flyers were looking at a 3-0 lead. The period ended with a shot total of 16-7 in favor of the Hurricanes.

The start of the 3rd period, the Flyers were in desperate need to turn this game around being down 3-0 and outshot 28-14 at this point. The Flyers started the way they needed to. There was a two-on-one for the Flyers going into the zone and a pass to Travis Konecny (16) who tipped it into the net 1:20 into the period to cut the lead to 3-1. Sean Couturier (33) and Claude Giroux (53) got the helpers on the goal. Now, with a little momentum the Flyers looked to keep chipping away at the Hurricanes lead. But, tonight just wasn’t the Flyers’ night. 14:23 into the period Sebastian Aho (23) accepted a pass from Williams (29) and put the puck top shelf to make it a 4-1 lead for the Hurricanes. Williams had the only assist on the play. The game ended with a final score of 4-1 and a shot total of 8-7 in favor of the Flyers.

Unfortunately, you can’t win every game and tonight just wasn’t a night for the Flyers. The Hurricanes just played better hockey than the Flyers tonight and Cam Ward played a great game. The Hurricanes were able to snap a 6-game losing streak and stop the Flyers from winning 7 games in a row. Both teams play each other two more times this season so, next time the Flyers will be looking for a little payback. The Flyers’ next game is against the top team in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning (44-17-4). The Flyers look to bounce back against the Lightning and continue to fight for that 1st place spot in the division. This upcoming stretch for the Flyers is going to be a challenge as they play teams that are in the playoffs or just out of the picture. They are going to have to strap down for the final 18 games of the season to get the best position as possible. Luckily, the Boston Bruins (39-15-8) were able to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins (36-25-4) 8-4 to keep the Flyers in 2nd place in the Metropolitan Division. Can the Flyers get back to winning and knock off the top team in the Lightning? Tune in Saturday and find out as the push for 1st place continues!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Content Contributor

The Streak Continues

            mrazek savePicture Courtesy of NHL.com


Tonight, marked the third and final meeting between the Philadelphia Flyers (34-19-10) and the Montreal Canadiens (23-29-10). The Flyers having won the previous two matchups, looks to sweep the Canadiens playing for the first time in Montreal this season. The Flyers come into this game 9-0-2 in their last 11 games and 1 point out of 1st place in the Metropolitan Division. Philadelphia is looking to make it 6 straight wins while they continue their climb in the standings. The Flyers had Petr Mrazek starting his 3rd game in a row in between the pipes, looking to continue his win streak since being traded to Philadelphia. The Canadiens had Charlie Lindgren start in goal.

The Flyers looked to start this game on the offensive and though there wasn’t any goals scored the Flyers poured the shots on early. Not only that, the game started with some fireworks. 31 seconds into the game Max Pacioretty tripped Travis Konecny and Shayne Gostisbehere went to the offensive. Gostisbehere went after Pacioretty but, it resulted in a 2-minute roughing minor for the both players. It gave the Flyers and early powerplay. However, they were unsuccessful in the early attempt. The period ended with a shot total of 10-3 in favor of the Flyers and a 0-0 score.

The 2nd period, which is supposed to be the Flyers’ period, was a little sloppy and the Canadiens showed some life throughout the period. A goalless tie always makes you hold your breath no matter what happens. At 6:33 into the period, Jacob De La Rose had an interference penalty against Claude Giroux, which gave the Flyers their second powerplay of the night. Again, they came up short on the powerplay. As the period went on both teams had great chances but, for every chance had, Mrazek and Lindgren were there to steal the opportunity. Then at 14:35, Ivan Provorov tripped Noah Juulsen to give the Canadiens their only powerplay of the game. At this point, it’s a 0-0 game and now the Flyers must kill a powerplay. Every opportunity that the Canadiens had, and on the powerplay they had their chances, Mrazek was there to answer the call. They held the Canadiens and kept the game a scoreless game. The period ended with a shot total of 15-8 in favor of the Canadiens.

As the 3rd period started both teams were trying to figure out the other teams’ goalie because they were shutting everything down. Just like the first two periods it was opportunity after opportunity, chance after chance and no one could find the back of the net. Then at 13:35, the Flyers had another chance on the powerplay as Jonathan Drouin tripped Jakub Voracek to give them another man advantage. As they continued to throw the puck at the net, again they could not score. The 3rd period ended scoreless and a shot total of 10-4 in favor of the Flyers.

After not being able to end it in regulation the game would then move to overtime. But, bringing the game to overtime gave the Flyers at least 1 point and that 1 point put the Flyers in a tie with the Capitals for the 1st place position in the Metropolitan Division. So, that extra point out there for grabs was that much more important to the Flyers. Going into the overtime period the Flyers are 8-5, the Canadiens are 3-5. So, the advantage was on the Flyers side. The beginning of the period saw the Canadiens have control of the puck in the Flyers’ zone. They had possession for a good chunk of the period and didn’t let the Flyers get a line change. A combination of tired players and good possession by the Canadiens it looked like a loss for the Flyers. However, Mrazek once again came to the aide of the Flyers and stopped whatever the Canadiens threw at him. Until the Flyers were able to clear the puck and get the change they so desperately needed. Towards the end of the period Konecny almost ended the game with a beautiful combination of moves, shot the puck and it hit the post. After a few more shots from both teams the period ended. The shot total was 6-5 in favor of the Canadiens for a game total of 33-28 in favor of the Flyers. Scoreless in the overtime period the two teams would then head to the shootout to decide the game. The results of the shootout were as followed:

Round 1:                                                        Round 4:

MTL Alex Galchenyuk- MISS                       MTL Artturi Lehkonen- SAVE

PHI Claude Giroux- SAVE                            PHI Jordan Weal- SAVE

Round 2:                                                        Round 5:

MTL Paul Byron- GOAL                               MTL Charles Hudon- SAVE

PHI Nolan Patrick- MISS                               PHI Travis Konecny- SAVE

Round 3:                                                        Round 6:

MTL Jonathan Drouin- MISS                        MTL David Schlemko- SAVE

PHI Jakub Voracek- GOAL                           PHI Sean Couturier- GOAL

The Flyers won the game 1-0 in the shootout. For the second game in a row vs Montreal it was Jakub Voracek who started the scoring by walking in on goal and just simply shooting the puck past Lindgren. Followed up my Sean Couturier doing almost the exact same thing but, threading the needle to put the puck past him. Although the shootouts are exciting but, for Flyers’ fans aggravating and nerve racking the goalies stole the show. Now, when I say, “stole the show,” that being a complete under exaggeration of the game tonight both, Petr Mrazek and Charlie Lindgren played on top of their heads. It was one of the best goalie performances I’ve seen all year. There was a reason it was a scoreless game and these two deserve high praise for the game tonight.

The Flyers have now won 6 straight and are 10-0-1 in their last 11 games. Petr Mrazek, since being traded from Detroit, is 3-0 as a Flyer with tonight being his 1st shutout in the orange and black. With the Columbus Blue Jackets (32-26-5) defeating the Washington Capitals (35-21-7) 5-1, the Flyers now have sole possession of 1st place in the Metropolitan Division. With 19 games left, the Flyers look to continue this impressive winning streak and build a space between them and everyone else. The Flyers next game is on Thursday against the Carolina Hurricanes (27-25-10). Will the winning streak continue? Can the Flyers keep the 1st place spot heading into the playoffs? Tune in on Thursday and find out!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Content Contributor

NHL Trade Deadline 2/26/18

trade deadlinePicture Courtesy of NHL.com


Trade deadline day…it’s probably one of the most exciting days next to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It’s a day where teams looking to make a deep run in the playoffs try to add rental or even long-term players down the stretch. Usually, there are moves on top of moves but, this year it wasn’t about how many moves were made. The main point of this deadline was about who actually moved. There was a record 5 1st round draft picks dealt with a potential 6 depending on if a player signs or not. Also, a few big-name players on the move and big-name players that stayed with their current teams who were believed to be on the move. Now, you can’t just talk about the one day for trades so what I’ll do for you is recap the entire month of February.


February 3rd: Dallas Stars-Nashville Predators

Dallas Stars acquire D Andrew O’Brien

Nashville Predators acquire F Mark McNeill

February 5th: Los Angeles Kings-Vegas Golden Knights

LA Kings acquire future considerations

Vegas Golden Knights acquire D Zac Leslie

February 8th: New Jersey Devils-Minnesota Wild

New Jersey Devils acquire F Christoph Bertschy, F Mario Lucia

Minnesota Wild acquire D Viktor Loov

February 9th: Washington Capitals-New York Rangers

Washington Capitals acquire F Adam Chapie, F Joe Whitney

New York Rangers acquire F John Albert, D Hubert Labrie

February 13th: Los Angeles Kings-Ottawa Senators

LA Kings acquire D Dion Phaneuf, F Nate Thompson

Ottawa Senators acquire F Marian Gaborik, F Nick Shore

February 15th: Chicago Blackhawks-Ottawa Senators

Chicago Blackhawks acquire F Chris DiDomenico

Ottawa Senators acquire D Ville Pokka

February 15th: St. Louis Blues-Toronto Maple Leafs

St. Louis Blues acquire F Nikita Soshnikov

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire 4th round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 19th: Washington Capitals-Chicago Blackhawks

Washington Capitals acquire D Michal Kempny

Chicago Blackhawks acquire 3rd round 2018 NHL Draft pick

February 19th: Philadelphia Flyers-Detroit Red Wings

Philadelphia Flyers acquire G Petr Mrazek

Detroit Red Wings acquire a conditional 4th round 2018 NHL Draft pick and a conditional 3rd round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 20th: Boston Bruins-New York Rangers

Boston Bruins acquire D Nick Holden

New York Rangers acquire D Rob O’Gara and 3rd round 2018 NHL Draft pick

February 20th: San Jose Sharks-Toronto Maple Leafs

San Jose Sharks acquire F Eric Fehr

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire a 7th round 2020 NHL Draft pick

February 21st: Washington Capitals-Montreal Canadiens

Washington Capitals acquire D Jakub Jerabek

Montreal Canadiens acquire a 5th round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 21st: Los Angeles Kings-Arizona Coyotes

LA Kings acquire F Tobias Rieder, G Scott Wedgewood

Arizona Coyotes acquire G Darcy Kuemper

February 22nd: Florida Panthers-Boston Bruins

Florida Panthers acquire F Frank Vatrano

Boston Bruins acquire a 3rd round 2018 NHL Draft pick

*February 22nd: New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers

New Jersey Devils acquire Michael Grabner

New York Rangers acquire D prospect Yegor Rykov and a 2nd round 2018 NHL Draft pick

February 23rd: Pittsburgh Penguins-Ottawa Senators-Vegas Golden Knights

Pittsburgh Penguins acquire F Derick Brassard, F Vincent Dunn, F Tobias Lindberg and a 3rd round NHL 2018 Draft pick

Ottawa Senators acquire D Ian Cole, G Filip Gustavsson, 1st round 2018 NHL Draft pick and a 3rd round 2019 NHL Draft pick

Vegas Golden Knights acquire F Ryan Reaves and a 4th round NHL Draft pick

February 24th: New York Islanders-Edmonton Oilers

New York Islanders acquire D Brandon Davidson

Edmonton Oilers acquire a 3rd round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 25th: Boston Bruins-New York Rangers

Boston Bruins acquire F Rick Nash

New York Rangers acquire F Ryan Spooner, F Matt Beleskey, D Ryan Lindgren, 1st and 7th round 2018 NHL Draft picks

February 25th: Toronto Maple Leafs-Montreal Canadiens

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire F Tomas Plekanec, F Kyle Baun

Montreal Canadiens acquire F Kerby Rychel, D Rinat Valiev and a 2nd round NHL Draft pick

February 25th: Columbus Blue Jackets-Nashville Predators

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire F Mark Letestu

Nashville Predators acquire a 4th round NHL Draft pick

February 25th: Nashville Predators-San Jose Sharks

Nashville Predators acquire F Brandon Bollig, G Troy Grosenick

San Jose Sharks acquire a 6th round 2018 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Columbus Blue Jackets-Ottawa Senators

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire D Ian Cole

Ottawa Senators acquire F Nick Moutrey and a 3rd round 2020 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Nashville Predators-Chicago Blackhawks

Nashville Predators acquire F Ryan Hartman and a 5th 2018 NHL Draft pick

Chicago Blackhawks acquire F Victor Ejdsell, 1st and 4th round 2018 NHL Draft picks

February 26th: Winnipeg Jets-St. Louis Blues

Winnipeg Jets acquire F Paul Statsny

St. Louis Blues acquire 1st 2018 NHL Draft pick, rights to F Erik Foley and obtain half of Statsny’s contract

February 26th: Vancouver Canucks- Vegas Golden Knights

Vancouver Canucks acquire F Brendan Leipsic

Vegas Golden Knights acquire D Philip Holm

February 26th: Columbus Blue Jackets-Arizona Coyotes

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire F Ryan Kujawinski

Arizona Coyotes acquire F Jordan Maletta

February 26th: Anaheim Ducks-New York Islanders

Anaheim Ducks acquire F Jason Chimera

New York Islanders acquire F Chris Wagner

February 26th: Winnipeg Jets-Montreal Canadiens

Winnipeg Jets acquire D Joe Marrow

Montreal Canadiens acquire a 4th round 2018 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Montreal Canadiens-Minnesota Wild

Montreal Canadiens acquire D Mike Reilly

Minnesota Wild acquire 5th round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Calgary Flames-Ottawa Senators

Calgary Flames acquire F Nick Shore

Ottawa Senators acquire 7th round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Pittsburgh Penguins-Carolina Hurricanes

Pittsburgh Penguins acquire F Josh Jooris

Carolina Hurricanes acquire F Greg McKegg

February 26th: Boston Bruins-Chicago Blackhawks

Boston Bruins acquire F Tommy Wingels

Chicago Blackhawks acquire a conditional 5th round 2019 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Nashville Predators-Arizona Coyotes

Nashville Predators acquire F Tyler Gaudet, D John Ramage

Arizona Coyotes acquire D Trevor Murphy, F Pierre-Cedric Labrie

February 26th: New York Rangers-Colorado Avalanche

New York Rangers acquire D Chris Bigras

Colorado Avalanche acquire D Ryan Graves

February 26th: New Jersey Devils-Edmonton Oilers

New Jersey Devils acquire F Patrick Maroon

Edmonton Oilers acquire a 3rd round 2019 NHL Draft pick, F Joey Dudek

February 26th: Columbus Blue Jackets-Vancouver Canucks

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire F Thomas Vanek

Vancouver Canucks acquire F Tyler Motte, F Jussi Jokinen

February 26th: San Jose Sharks-Buffalo Sabres

San Jose Sharks acquire F Evander Kane

Buffalo Sabres acquire a conditional 1st round 2019 NHL Draft pick, 4th round 2019 NHL Draft pick, and F Dan O’Regan

February 26th: Vegas Golden Knights-Detroit Red Wings

Vegas Golden Knights acquire F Tomas Tatar

Detroit Red Wings acquire a 1st round 2018 NHL Draft pick, 2nd round 2019 NHL Draft pick and 3rd round 2021 NHL Draft pick

February 26th: Tampa Bay Lightning-New York Rangers

Tampa Bay Lightning acquire D Ryan McDonagh, F JT Miller

New York Rangers acquire F Vladislav Namestnikov, D Libor Hajek, F Brett Howden, 1st round 2018 NHL Draft pick, a conditional 1st round 2019 NHL Draft pick

Notable Waiver Pickups:

Philadelphia Flyers pickup D Johnny Oduya

Calgary Flames pickup F Chris Stewart

Colorado Avalanche pickup D Mark Alt

Some of the names, such as, Ottawa Senators’ Erik Karlsson and Montreal Canadiens’ Max Pacioretty were rumored to move today but, the clubs could not find any trade partners today. However, Ryan McDonagh, Rick Nash, Evander Kane and Tomas Tatar were some of the big names that found new homes the past two days. The busiest team by far was the New York Rangers, as they are in rebuild mode. They were the big sellers this year in the hopes they can build for years to come. The Rangers also completed a deal with the New Jersey Devils for F Michael Grabner, which marks the first ever time in history these two teams ever completed a trade with each other. So, the deadline brought us some interesting moves. The Evander Kane deal, in my opinion was surprisingly light. Only two draft picks in 2019 and Dan O’Regan, I think San Jose got the steal of the deadline for sure. The Golden Knights add to an already high-powered offense with Tatar but, a 2018 1st, a 2019 2nd and a 2021 3rd is a pretty big commitment. You have to imagine the Golden Knights plan to sign Tatar at the end of the year. But, just like every season the deadline has passed and now teams are locked in for the long haul. Will the moves made over the past few days help teams in their playoff runs? We will have to wait and see!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Content Contributor