Why We Want To Achieve Excellence

The truth is, everybody’s answer is different. What we want in life is not the same as the person next to us. As much as we think about more money, a better job, a bigger house, a nicer car… it’s really more than that.


Everything we think we want initially actually leads to more.

The first chapter in “Book of Excellence” is about why we want to excel. What will becoming more do for us?

More opportunities become available to us. When you think about who stands out in this world, you start to see the opportunities they have compared to those who do not stand out. This might mean an opportunity for a promotion within a company, an opportunity to get hired by a better company, an opportunity to go to a better school, or even a chance to play on a better team. There are simply more opportunities for those who excel.

Those who excel have more freedom than those who do not. This could come in the form choice; like a person being able to choose from 100 different companies rather than just a few. This could come in the form of position; like the person who chooses their role within a company. It could also mean freedom to simply do things the way you want to do them; they’re working so why stop? Those excel have more freedoms available.

Gravitation. Not in the way you think where an apple falls from a tree. In the form of people wanting to be around you. People wanting to know you, listen to you, learn from you. You become a greater influence on the world because more people want to be in your world. This might also lead you to becoming a role model.

Those who excel leave behind a legacy. One day we will all move on. Whether that be from a job, a classroom, a team, or whatever else you can think of. The work we do, the excellence we achieve, and the people we’ve impacted will determine whether we leave behind a legacy or we are forgotten.

Now think about why you would want to excel. What would you gain from it? What would the world gain from it?

Like this post if you’re on your way to achieving excellence. You can be a blogger, a student, an athlete, a parent, a friend, a professional at your job. Whatever you are doing, you have the chance to achieve excellence.

Comment on why you would like to excel.

Check out “Book of Excellence” on Amazon or by clicking this link.

Want to see what the book is about? Read my last post here.

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“Book of Excellence”

I am the biggest believer that every single one of us has the power to change our world. We have the ability to change ourselves, our circumstances, and even other people and their circumstances.

There are people in this world who work to become more while others only yearn for it. There are people who accept average and there are people who go above and beyond the norm.


In my book “Book of Excellence” we find the difference between CatX (those achieving excellence) and CatY (those who merely yearn for what CatX has).

“Book of Excellence” is about what it takes to reach every goal you desire and how to live a life of excellence. Our ability to change our world for the better is in our grasp.

Excellence is obtainable for everybody. Rich and poor. Big and small. Young and old. CatX holds no bias to the world. It does no matter where you start in life; only how you live it.

In the upcoming weeks I will be posting short blogs on each chapter of the book. Although I encourage everyone to check out the book, I hope my blog posts can at least get you started on how to benefit your life and others through excellence.

If you’re a blogger, a student, an athlete, a business professional, a mother, a father, an artist, and anything else you might be, this book is for you. Each concept written can be applied to everybody’s life. There’s even exercises to help guide you! Although we’re not all the same, those achieving excellence follow the concepts you will read about in “Book of Excellence”.

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your life to reaching your goals, check out “Book of Excellence” (on it’s way to becoming a best seller in less than a week!) on Amazon or click here. Or you can head over to Amazon and type in “Book of Excellence by John P Brocious”. Don’t have Amazon Prime? That’s okay too. You can also find it at your local book store.

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5 Fitness Tips

For anybody experiencing the daily struggle of working out, we have just the article for you. Fitness seems to be one of those things where you either love it or you don’t. Many of us know we need to work out, but don’t make time for it while others look forward to it. So to stay on track with your own fitness, we have some tips for you.


  1. Start. To start is the hardest part of your journey. If you can get going, you’re more than half way there. So our first tip is to simply start. If you have a gym membership, simply go to the gym. Do the absolute simplest thing you can do until you’re ready to move on. If you don’t have a membership, you might find it benefits you to do one repetition of something. Maybe you can start by going for a walk and work your way up from there also. During your simple workout, you’re more likely to push yourself because you’ve already started. One push turns into 25, one lap turns into four, the elliptical leads you to a full blown workout. If you’re struggling, focus on the start.
  2. Find motivation regularly. Is there an old picture of yourself that you would like to look like again? Is there a body builder or another person you want to match their physique? Is there an event your training for? Visualize it, write it down, and look at it as often as you can. Motivation can drive you to start each day.
  3. Have a goal accompanied with a plan. Create a S.M.A.R.T goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely). Then create a plan on how you’re going to accomplish that goal. Take advantage of the millions of resources online for help.
  4. Join a group. This might be a fitness class at the gym. It could be inviting your friends to become fit with you too. Surround yourself with people who will help you on your journey to reaching your fitness goals. You might even be able to help them in the process too.
  5. Celebrate your achievements. An achievement is something we look forward to and love. Maybe you brought down your mile time or you’ve burned more calories per hour than before. Celebrate your small and large goals. This doesn’t mean celebrate your goals irresponsibly, however. Don’t celebrate a fitness goal by eating an entire pizza pie or taking 5 days off. Celebrate in a healthy, beneficial way so you can move on to your next achievement.

Your ideal fitness goal are just ahead of you. Take the time to try some of our tips and watch how fast you reach them. Let us know how it goes!

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7 Tips to Safer Driving on Snow Days

If you’re part of the world braving the snow every winter, check this one out. We don’t always want to drive in the snow, but sometimes we have to. As safe as it is to not drive at all during snow days, there will be times we just need to.


Now we’re not snow experts here. We don’t work for tire companies, or snow removal companies, or anybody else who deals with cars in the snow. No, instead we asked around our team as to what we can do to help ourselves drive  in the snow.

We’re going to advise you now to do absolutely everything to obey the law and all state regulations on the road. Wear a seat belt at all times, turn on your headlights and wipers, and drive slow of course.

You know the easy stuff. Seat belt, headlights, wipers, slow driving… it’s all part of driving better in the snow. Here are some tips that might not be so obvious.

  1. Accelerate and Decelerate slowly. Don’t floor it to get started. Don’t slam on the brakes to stop. It’s much easier to lose control by doing both.
  2. If possible, drive along the tracks in front of you. Lucky for us, the people on the road in front of us will create a smoother driving path. You might be able to avoid driving on slippery snow or ice when a path is created in front of us.
  3. Know your brakes. Stopping in snow is obviously tougher than stopping in perfect conditions. Understand what it takes to stop in regular conditions will give you insight into what it will take to stop in the snow. It will take more than twice as long to stop in snowy conditions (According to AAA). To be safe, give yourself, and your brakes even more time than what you’re used to.
  4. If possible, keep going. Stopping in the snow makes it harder to get going again. Unless you have to stop, keep going. Especially up hills. Keep rolling forward unless you need to stop.
  5. Check your tire pressure. The cold actually reduces tire pressure. Driving around with low tire pressure often leads to a blow out. Be sure to check your tire pressure if you know it will snow.
  6. Carry a small shovel with you. It’s not always necessary. But when you know it’s going to snow, put a small shovel in your trunk. Take this a step further by pairing them with gloves and anything else you would want to have in the event your stuck in the snow. It’s better to have and not want than to want and not have. In the event you do get stuck, that shovel might be your saving grace.
  7. Consider driving with chains if the roads will not be plowed. If you’re living in an area that’s a bit more secluded, chains on your tires could prove to be a huge help. Without snow on the ground it will feel as though you’re driving with LEGO tires, but if there is heavy snow on the ground the chains will feel a little smoother. Only use them if the snow is heavy on the roads. Here is a YouTube video on how you can put chains on your tires if needed.

We’re leaving you with 7 tips for now. The truth is, you probably know how to drive safely in the snow. Driving slower than normal, leaving more space in between vehicles, and taking more time to break is probably the best thing you can do. If you don’t have to drive in the snow… stay home!


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5 Money Saving Tips for Beginners

I had a conversation with somebody about their plan to save money a few days ago. Their first conversation with me had been about how to save money. We discussed many money saving options. These are actually simple the more you save, but to some people getting started, here are some tips you need to know.


1. Pay yourself first. Put your set amount of money away before spending it on something else. This means if your paycheck is $1000 each week, and you have a plan to put away $100 each paycheck, do that first. You will get used to living on $900 a week knowing your $100 is going toward something you’ve been wanting for awhile.
2. Think long- term. When thinking about money we always want it to come in faster than it is. We want our savings to double in the matter of months and our income to grow just the same. The reality is that this isn’t the case. When we think about saving money, we should have the mindset that it’s almost like we don’t have it at all anymore until we reach a certain point. This certain point could be retirement or a specific number so you can go on a trip. Saving money is a long- term process and you have to set your brain to function that way. When you start dwelling on your savings, you will start going nuts! Be patient, and understand your long- term savings will pay off.
3. Save more when possible. Using our $100 a paycheck savings, if you have the ability to put more than $100 away, do so. You might start to see you can live off $850 a week rather than $900 and the $50 extra you’re saving would become the norm. This will entail you being able to reach your savings goal sooner than you thought or being able to put away more than expected.
4. Create a physical budget plan. There are probably thousands of useful phone apps to see what your money is up to. If you’re not a tech person (like me), keep your own ledger. Write down money coming in, money going out, and what you’re spending it on. When you’re able to physically see what your money is doing, you are more likely to spend it wisely and put more toward what you actually want. Believe me, when I started to see how much money went toward eating out, I stopped and my savings skyrocketed.
5. Invest your savings. This doesn’t mean you have to sit on the computer trading stocks. No, investing can be as simple as opening up a savings account. Anything you can make interest on is a great choice. Look into what your bank offers. Sometimes there are great CD’s that can earn 3% interest. This means you put money in, and you can add 3% of your savings to your savings. $100 turns into $103. Now when we think long term, we are earning hundreds of dollars just because we’re doing a great job saving. Find an account that makes money for you while you sleep.
Stop waiting! Start by using these simple savings tips today. The sooner you save, the more you will earn long- term. If you have more savings tips, write them in so I can share them with my audience!


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Surviving Nursing School 101: New Grad RN

Congratulations on choosing nursing! It is a fantastic career path with many options and it’s truly the back bone to the medical field. That being said, let’s take a dive into what you should focus on in order to succeed and get the most out of your nursing program. Nursing school is in no way, shape or form easy and I give you a lot of credit for being accepted!! You’ve got this! Personally, I would describe nursing school as an intense boxing match: You need to tackle each task with persistence, stability and strategy and finally—Win the match! It is going to become challenging, however don’t give up… dare to stick with it! I graduated from a four-year BSN nursing school in May of 2017. Since then, I have been working as an RN in a Medical-Surgical unit. I am writing this post to help you push through, and get the most out of all the information being thrown at you. I found these skills/tips helpful and I hope you do too!   

Time Management & Organization

If there is anything I can’t stress more, it’s mastering the skill of great time management! It may seem like it’s complicated but TRUST ME when I say it, managing your time will help you in the long run, and it will also get you into a great routine when It comes to working in the field. In a hospital setting, many tasks need to be performed in a timely matter. You are going to have a great deal going on in your life during nursing school. You don’t want to forget anything and you surely do not want to become so frantic that you begin to pull your hair out! I highly recommend purchasing a planner (I personally used a Lily Pulitzer Agenda, It was fun, vibrant, and came with a lot of cute stickers). After you’ve received all of your syllabi – sit down, go through all of the dates and write them into your planner. As a nursing student myself, I found this very helpful because it gave me a good idea of how much time I have before each exam to prepare. I also color coded my classes, exams, and assignments.  

Staying organized and keeping everything in order will seriously help you keep track of all the work you have to do. Again, nursing school is extremely stressful, and you really want to make sure you don’t forget to do anything! Having a planner is also a good way to schedule (non-nursing) plans, and it’ll even give you that extra push to look forward to that night out with friends. (Of course not the best idea to do so before a test.. you know what I mean.. ). What it really comes down to, is finding a method that works for you and STICKING WITH IT – every time you change up your organization method you waste a ton of time re-learning a new system.  Find something you are comfortable with and stick with it.

Mental Breaks

You’re only human!! Don’t get down on yourself if you’re just-not-retaining-anymore-material. That’s probably a good reason to STOP, regroup, and do something else. It is very important to TAKE BREAKS! Do yourself the favor and walk away from the material after some time, go for a walk around campus, go to the gym, have lunch with a friend, call a family member– anything. Your brain needs a break in order to really understand the material, after 6 hours or so (yes 6 hours) I would make sure that I would get up from that library chair and move around; even if that meant going to the bathroom or sitting outside of the library scrolling down social media. Taking a break will help you feel refreshed and give you that extra push to keep going. & don’t just take one! Take a few! Just make sure you keep your focus and don’t get lazy.

Also, besides study breaks- make sure you’re giving yourself some “me” time. This won’t cause you to fail a test or assignment and will help you gain more focus when you dive back into it. Head over to the gym to workout, watch a movie, go shopping, whatever it is that you enjoy- do it!

Helpful Tips:


  1. You are going to be taking a TON of notes during nursing school.  Having a way to condense those notes and make them usable is important.  If you are old fashioned, you will want to buy a lot of index cards to write down and review important terms. Also, check out Quizlet– this is an online flashcard site (I used this a lot).  You can create a set of flashcards on your profile by typing in the information.  It can be really helpful when you connect it with the app – allowing you to view your flashcards anywhere. You can also share the link with friends in your study group (you can split up the chapters or terms).
  2. Utilize YouTube. 90% of any system I couldn’t wrap my head around- I looked up on YouTube. There is a large variety of videos explaining how things work in simpler and less confusing ways. Many of my friends found videos really helpful for electrolyte imbalances.
  3. Acronyms are SO HELPFUL. Even if they’re silly (A joke between you and your friends). YOU’LL REMEMBER IT!!
  4. Have a sense of humor!! Most people think of the medical field as only serious, but it can be very stressful and if you don’t have a sense of humor, you won’t find it easy to survive. Be willing to laugh at yourself and at awkward situations.
  5. I have yet to meet anyone who knows everything about every drug: nurse, physician, pharmacist, etc.  There is too much information to know it all. That being said, it is important to have a good drug reference guide/text. The most common used drugs you should create flashcards for. The MAIN information you should know about a drug is: What it is used for, side effects/adverse effects (know the difference between these two) and, antidotes (if there happens to be an overdose).
  6. Medical dosing- create a conversion chart (most nursing programs will give you one). MEMORIZE IT. It will help you in the long run when you get a random question on an exam and you have no idea how many micrograms equal a milligram. (1000mcg = 1 mg).
  7. Purchase a “clicky pen”.  It sounds strange, but it really is that important. Try to spend one day in nursing school with a pen with a cap, and see how that goes. You will lose that cap. You will likely lose the pen because you can’t attach it to yourself. And, you are definitely likely to end up with ink stains and marks because you don’t have the pen’s cap. Clicky pens are much easier to use. You can connect them to your scrubs and you can store them without worrying about ink.
  8. It is very helpful to have a set of lab values, along with possible reasons why the patient may have an abnormal result, at hand during clinical settings.
  9. Form a study group. This is really helpful to hear how others understand certain topics especially if you’re having some difficulty. Talking aloud really helped me understand the material and study groups can also be a lot of fun. My advice would be to review the material on your own first once or twice and then meet with your group. There’s going to be a lot of late nights in the library, a large consumption of coffee and unhealthy snacks, but it’s fun being with other students who are going through these struggles WITH YOU.
  10. Don’t study to worry about getting a certain grade. Don’t focus on being the best in the class. Be the best for YOU! Learn and study the material to fully understand it and be able to confidently apply it.
  11. Practice skills on others. Take a family member or friend’s blood pressure. Listen to their breathing sounds. Know where the 5th intercostal space is on an actual person! Put the text into perspective. This will make you comfortable in a clinical setting.
  12. If you can, get a job in a clinical setting. Apply for internships and externships. This will make you well-rounded and more confident when taking care of people.


Wishing you the best in all that your program throws at you. Tackle it all with determination and skill. Don’t let anything or anyone get you down and truly work hard for YOU. Only YOU can understand the material a certain way, only YOU can pass that exam for yourself, ONLY YOU can truly absorb all the information you need to be the best nurse you can be. Remember, no matter how difficult the days may get, never forget why you became a nurse!


“As a nurse, We have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou


Feel free to ask me any questions!

Devan LaBarbera


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Two Crucial Concepts You Need to Succeed

Success doesn’t come easy. Money doesn’t fall into your lap. Fat doesn’t automatically disappear from your waist. Climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t happen over night. What would you like to succeed in? What do you want to do that allows you to stand out in the world? Whatever you’re thinking, I have two things you need to be doing.
Yes, two simple concepts will lead you to success. It’s how we go about these two activities that will set us apart from the rest. But nonetheless, there are two things you should be doing each day that will allow you to succeed.
You could have told me that right? Everybody knows we have to learn to be good at work. And we have to work in order to succeed. If that’s the case, why isn’t the entire world as successful as they would like to be?
Let’s start with learning. When you are educating yourself on something, are you doing it just to earn a degree, certificate, or some validation that says you’ve accomplished “learning”? If you are, you’re going about it for the wrong reasons.
When we learn, it should be to MASTER something. The master of anything stands out because of how he or she is so successful. They know more than most people about what they do. The master of something is usually the teacher or mentor at some point. So, whatever it is you’re learning, are you the master? Are you able to teach others about it?
Don’t give me the excuse that you’re too young. There are 23 year old employees out there receiving raises while the person with 23 years experience sits and waits for the raise to come to them. You see CHILDREN able to master the piano while an adult hasn’t begun to start trying. A college dropout starting a tech company while tech students sit and wait for graduation day to start applying themselves. Why is this?
Each example above, and many other examples are possible through LEARNING. These examples have likely become borderline obsessed with their skill or trade. The don’t just go to school to listen to a lecture. They don’t do the mandatory training workshops their company requires. No, these people make their life about learning that one thing they are so talented in. They have indulged themselves in the knowledge available to them. I would rather talk to the 8 year old about learning how to play the piano before an adult with decades of life behind them. Why? Because that 8 year old has likely spent every single day for the last couple years counting down the seconds until she can learn more about that piano. They simply know more than the rest.
And don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have enough time. Nobody has enough time. That’s the truth. Every single person in this world has the same 24 hour day. And you want to use the excuse that you’ve created a lifestyle to fill up those 24 hours, so you can’t accomplish a certain goal. Get rid of this excuse right now.
If you want to succeed bad enough in something, CREATE A LIFESTYLE THAT FITS YOUR GOAL. Understand that SACRIFICE is necessary. PRIORITIZING is necessary. You have to be much better with TIME MANAGEMENT. There are certain aspects of your life that you must simply AVOID to accomplish this goal. I just published a book on this two days ago if you’re struggling that bad to understand any of this. All of the words I CAPITALIZED are necessary when you want to succeed. Not having time is an excuse. You’ve put an excuse ahead of your goal, and now you won’t reach that goal. And if you do, millions of people have already beat you to the punch. If you want something bad enough, change your life to get there.
Number two on our list today is WORK. After you have learned what it takes to get to where you want to be, work for it. Work smarter than everyone else. Work harder than everyone else. This might mean spending more hours on a project. It might mean working through lunch or even losing some sleep. Whatever it takes, work better than everyone else. Be the best at WORK. And a quick tip on working so you don’t have to work as long, learn the art of focus. Accomplish as much as you possibly can in whatever time your life gives you. WORK.
These two concepts are extremely simple. But are you doing simple the best you can? Once you know what you need to succeed (LEARN), being to WORK. Throughout WORK, LEARN. And once you’ve accomplished everything you have learned through working, LEARN again. This is a never-ending cycle. Excellence is a lifestyle, not a destination. LEARN AND WORK.
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When it comes to life the number one thing that scares me the most is regret.  I decided for my myself that I am going to do what I want to do regardless of what people think of me.  


This is where ENVISION SUCCESS came from. Everyone has different goals, desires, values, and dreams. To reach these goals, desires, and dreams your mental make-up is what is going to separate you from others. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to struggle or go through hard times.

Everyone goes through these times. It is about how you respond to these times, what you’re willing to do to change your circumstances. That is where your mentality comes in.  

Change the way you think, and you’ll change your life. The reason why I created ENVISION SUCCESS was to change the way I think.  I started to look at things and people to find out that they are no different than me.  If I want something I have to believe in my heart that I truly can achieve or obtain whatever it is I want.

The next thing you have to do is change everything in your life to whatever it is you like, you’re good at, you enjoy, and make that the center of you mind. Have “tunnel vision” go after and don’t look back.  

See, distractions are a big part of this. They can change your vision, your thoughts and hold you back in many ways. Stop trying to please people and do things for yourself. This isn’t being selfish. This is you taking charge in your life again.

Yes, you may have to cut some people out of your life but that is all part of the change. You can’t expect to do the same thing over and over again and have a different outcome. Start surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like or inspire to be. Law of attraction is REAL.

If you think something is going to happen it probably is. If you focus on something for so long whether it be good or bad that is what you are attracting. Find something you love doing 7 days a week and go for it. The problem is, people start to become lazy when things go wrong or get distracted. To me there is no such thing as lazy. To me your mindset has changed, other things in life have become more important to you. You have become distracted by the world to not chase your goals!

This is where committing to yourself and believing in yourself come into your vision. See everything in your world starts with energy. When it comes to ENVISION SUCCESS, you have to create the energy you need to be successful and that all starts with your mindset!

Finding yourself has everything to do with your mentality. Start to see yourself as worthy, confident and smart. If you are seriously involved with changing your life, your thoughts are going to be what starts the change.  Get out of your comfort zone and go after whatever it is you want in life. Think positive, focus on yourself and ENVISION SUCCESS!!

Until next time,

Marc Magliaro



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Eliminate the Monday Mindset

For many of us working our 40 hour week, Monday is tough. Tough to be excited about. Tough to get through. Tough to cope with the fact that it’s only the beginning of a long week. I’m writing to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Let me say this first, I understand the Monday mindset. I used to hate Mondays too. I hated them because I hated my job at the time. I felt like there was nothing to be excited about and nothing to look forward to. Each Monday, I started the day groaning and ended every night with a long sigh now that I had finished day one of five.
Let’s talk about the work you’re doing. If you absolutely hate it that much that no matter what day it is, you still hate your job, find a way out. That doesn’t mean an excuse to miss or taking 15 bathroom breaks throughout the day. No, find a way to change your job. Even if you work a 40 hour week, you have 128 other hours to research a new place to spend 40 hours a week. If your research comes up with nothing, or you don’t know where to look, seriously consider going to a Life Coach like myself or anybody in your area. We are trained to help in circumstances like this. If you don’t want to research or go to a Life Coach, consider reaching out to a mentor on the matter of switching jobs. If none of those work, a talent agent is often a good choice as well. No matter which route you choose, educate yourself on the decision that’s about to be made. Weigh out the pros and cons of every possible outcome of this decision.
Now if you like your job, but don’t like Mondays please read on. The Monday mindset hits everybody with a concrete schedule. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we can combat this mindset to make 52 days each year much nicer.
Your first step is to appreciate what you have. Appreciation decreases stress and that alone could change your MM (Monday mindset). Next, consider what you’re looking forward to. WRITE THIS DOWN. Being able to see what you’re looking forward to will help you make it through the day. I also encourage you to write down something you look forward to each day. Then each hour if it’s possible. When I was doing a job I hated I started writing down what I looked forward to each day and each hour of that day. I usually looked forward to going home to hit baseballs. Each hour (you’re going to think this is silly) I looked forward to drinking a half cup of juice. I was working a job delivering cleaning supplies in a box truck. Each hour that went by I would pour juice into my thermos top and sip on it. I couldn’t tell you how much that changed how I thought of my job. Each day I knew I could break my day down into 8 half juice cups to sip on. This completely altered the rest of my days working for that company.
Now we move on to something more difficult. Getting to work. Your MM could categorized into a variety of emotions. Sadness, happiness, excitement, anger, etc. Watch what happens when you change your emotion to “DRIVEN”, “FOCUSED”, AND “DEDICATED”. This is a something that is practiced. But think about making your Mondays your most productive day and see how much nicer the rest of the week is. Being driven, focused, and dedicate on your Monday (likely your toughest day) will make the day go by quicker for you mentally. You will be so focused on being productive that your worst day will fly by. On top of that, you will have accomplished more which will make the rest of your days nicer too. So instead of coming in on Monday feeling some type of negative emotion, work to become the hardest worker there.
If you’re sitting in your office today thinking about how much you hate Mondays I want you to start with this blog and see if you can make a change to your MM. I’m going to have more detail for you in the future, but for now this is a great start. 
Til next time,



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Your Excuses Are Worth Nothing

Quite often I find myself writing about what I experience as a Life Coach. Sometimes, clients that I talk to are going through something that I think needs addressing on a larger scale. It’s not a knock on them, if anything they should be rewarded for bringing up something so important for the world. Today I want to talk about my own personal experiences. If you don’t want to hear about my stories, that’s okay. Skip to the very bottom.
REGULARLY I come across a friend or somebody I coach with that has some excuse for why something can’t be done. If you read anything else today, remember this: YOUR EXCUSES ARE WORTH NOTHING. Worth nothing to you, to me, to the world. If anything, people will remember you for what you wanted to do, but didn’t do it.
I wasn’t sure where to begin with this blog, but I guess I can start with WHY your excuses are worth nothing. Plain and simple, they do absolutely nothing for you. An excuse actually hinders your ability to grow in the long run. You start creating a mindset that excuses are acceptable. A mindset that accomplishes nothing. You will continue to be stuck right where you are because your excuses held you back.
I want to give you a personal example. Now I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I think I was in a position before where I made excuses. Maybe my stories can help you.
First, my career as a Life Coach. Although I am fairly young in terms of Life Coaches, I’ve been successful doing it. My job is to help others really any possible way I can. Most of the time it’s through reaching goals, but it extends to just about anything. My excuses for not doing this sooner was that I didn’t have a degree in it. Another excuse was that I was too young. And my third major excuse was that I didn’t know enough.
Well, first of all, there are no degrees in Life Coaching. If anything I would have gotten a psychology degree. Second, my age has actually helped me succeed in this industry rather than hurt me. And third, I found out that I did know more than enough to get going.
When I wrote my book “A Student- Athlete’s Guide to Excellence”, I got all sorts of feedback. Most of it was positive. Some of it telling me how my book was too simple. And another portion was from Life Coaches, counselors, mentors, and other success professionals telling me I wasn’t qualified to do this… to help. I started doubting myself. I pulled back on helping others. I thought that maybe I should leave this work to people with degrees and accreditation. After a few days I looked into what I could do to get a degree just like everybody who criticized me. Not that there is anything wrong with a degree in psychology, but it wasn’t for me and on top of that, I would have had to wait YEARS to start helping again. So, I looked into what else I could do. A simple Google search led me to becoming a Certified Life Coach. I had to put in ALOT of hours studying, taking notes, and researching. But it all paid off. I was able to gain some type of accreditation and learn exactly what I needed to help more people on top of what I already knew.
This is one story. There are thousands upon thousands of other stories out there that explain why a degree might be great, but it’s not exactly necessary. My excuse for not helping more people was because I didn’t have a degree, and I wound up proving to myself that my excuse was worth nothing.
One more example I want to share is the fact that I am an astronomer. I have a marketing degree which has absolutely nothing to do with astronomy. But this proved to be irrelevant. My passion for the stars has led me to hours of learning. Hours of my own research. I used the excuse before that because I didn’t have an astronomy degree, I couldn’t be an astronomer. Wrong. I’m still able to contribute to space agencies just from sheer love for what astronomy is. Astronomy isn’t my first priority by any means, but I’m still able to accomplish a great deal. I found this out by asking questions as to what it would take to do what I love (astronomy) while also helping contribute. NASA gave me more than enough to work with after asking.
Moving on to my point about being too young. One of the people I used to speak with regularly about their goals helped me get rid of this excuse. I was a 24 year old recently out of college mentoring other college students. And his point was this: You’ve been through it, you did great, and you’re willing to help. And he was right. That’s all I needed. I needed experience and an expertise. I was actually better able to relate to these students because of how young I was. And now I’m finding out these students who are not much younger than I am would rather listen to me than somebody much older with a degree and years of life on me. My excuse of being too young did me and everybody else no good at all.
My last major excuse was that I didn’t know enough. And it was because people told me I didn’t know enough. This changed when I actually spoke to one of my critics. I reached out to this person to learn what I could do better. And they brought up everything I just mentioned. I had to be older and I needed a degree. I listened politely, but knew those two reasons weren’t enough to hold me back. So I asked what does this person do to set them self apart from everybody else. At first this person didn’t have an answer, but they managed to come up with how they are always there for their client. Let me rephrase that. They are always there for their client when the client has $250 to pay them for the hour. When I heard that price, I asked them what exactly do they do for the client. And they said they give them a template (used for every client) with the same cliche sayings, quotes, and inspirational messages. When I heard that was all this person had to offer, I walked out of their office ready to work.
What I provide to people speaking with me is personalized and helpful. No client is the same, just as what I give them is never the same. This person had a degree, but I had more to offer. I had more to offer through a passion of hours upon hours of learning about how to help others. This person had a degree that led them to complacency. My excuse again, was worth nothing to nobody.
One last story. Although I haven’t been scuba diving in a little while, I used to every morning. And every morning I cleaned up the ocean just a little bit at a time. I loved it because I was killing two birds with one stone. I loved scuba diving and I loved being able to help. I used to think I couldn’t do this because I didn’t have a Marine biology degree. Wrong again. I am able to contribute. I’m not a professional in this industry, but that excuse is worth nothing.
All too often I hear a friend tell me why they can’t do something. And although I don’t tell each friend this, their excuse is worth nothing. I always hear about why something IS NOT possible rather than the reasons it is possible. Quite often these are the same people not willing to put in the work it takes. But nonetheless, their excuses are worth nothing. And if this motivates you even a little bit, it was worth writing. Every time you make an excuse about something, somebody else has the jump on you. They are making your dreams their reality and you’re left wishing you were them.
Don’t be the person wishing. Your excuses are worth nothing.
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