John’s NHL Bracket

We’re still in bracket mode over here at Infinity Intuition. Here is what I think the NHL playoffs will look like.

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Round 1


Tampa wins 4-1

Boston wins 4-2

Washington wins 4-2

Pittsburgh wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-0

Winnipeg wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-1

San Jose wins 4-1

Round 2


Boston wins 4-3

Washington wins 4-2


Nashville wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-2

Round 3


Washington wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-1

Stanley Cup

Nashville wins 4-1

In these predictions:

My toughest pick: Boston over Tampa Bay. I think the Lightening are great and if they can overcome Boston, they can make it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, Boston has a tradition of winning, and simply finding ways to win. If I had to pick another tough match up, it would have been the San Jose and Anaheim series. Anaheim is hot right now, but I just have a hunch it might not last.

My easiest pick: Nashville over Colorado. I feel like Nashville is great on so many levels and Colorado will have a tough time keeping up.


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