Two Crucial Concepts You Need to Succeed

Success doesn’t come easy. Money doesn’t fall into your lap. Fat doesn’t automatically disappear from your waist. Climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t happen over night. What would you like to succeed in? What do you want to do that allows you to stand out in the world? Whatever you’re thinking, I have two things you need to be doing.
Yes, two simple concepts will lead you to success. It’s how we go about these two activities that will set us apart from the rest. But nonetheless, there are two things you should be doing each day that will allow you to succeed.
You could have told me that right? Everybody knows we have to learn to be good at work. And we have to work in order to succeed. If that’s the case, why isn’t the entire world as successful as they would like to be?
Let’s start with learning. When you are educating yourself on something, are you doing it just to earn a degree, certificate, or some validation that says you’ve accomplished “learning”? If you are, you’re going about it for the wrong reasons.
When we learn, it should be to MASTER something. The master of anything stands out because of how he or she is so successful. They know more than most people about what they do. The master of something is usually the teacher or mentor at some point. So, whatever it is you’re learning, are you the master? Are you able to teach others about it?
Don’t give me the excuse that you’re too young. There are 23 year old employees out there receiving raises while the person with 23 years experience sits and waits for the raise to come to them. You see CHILDREN able to master the piano while an adult hasn’t begun to start trying. A college dropout starting a tech company while tech students sit and wait for graduation day to start applying themselves. Why is this?
Each example above, and many other examples are possible through LEARNING. These examples have likely become borderline obsessed with their skill or trade. The don’t just go to school to listen to a lecture. They don’t do the mandatory training workshops their company requires. No, these people make their life about learning that one thing they are so talented in. They have indulged themselves in the knowledge available to them. I would rather talk to the 8 year old about learning how to play the piano before an adult with decades of life behind them. Why? Because that 8 year old has likely spent every single day for the last couple years counting down the seconds until she can learn more about that piano. They simply know more than the rest.
And don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have enough time. Nobody has enough time. That’s the truth. Every single person in this world has the same 24 hour day. And you want to use the excuse that you’ve created a lifestyle to fill up those 24 hours, so you can’t accomplish a certain goal. Get rid of this excuse right now.
If you want to succeed bad enough in something, CREATE A LIFESTYLE THAT FITS YOUR GOAL. Understand that SACRIFICE is necessary. PRIORITIZING is necessary. You have to be much better with TIME MANAGEMENT. There are certain aspects of your life that you must simply AVOID to accomplish this goal. I just published a book on this two days ago if you’re struggling that bad to understand any of this. All of the words I CAPITALIZED are necessary when you want to succeed. Not having time is an excuse. You’ve put an excuse ahead of your goal, and now you won’t reach that goal. And if you do, millions of people have already beat you to the punch. If you want something bad enough, change your life to get there.
Number two on our list today is WORK. After you have learned what it takes to get to where you want to be, work for it. Work smarter than everyone else. Work harder than everyone else. This might mean spending more hours on a project. It might mean working through lunch or even losing some sleep. Whatever it takes, work better than everyone else. Be the best at WORK. And a quick tip on working so you don’t have to work as long, learn the art of focus. Accomplish as much as you possibly can in whatever time your life gives you. WORK.
These two concepts are extremely simple. But are you doing simple the best you can? Once you know what you need to succeed (LEARN), being to WORK. Throughout WORK, LEARN. And once you’ve accomplished everything you have learned through working, LEARN again. This is a never-ending cycle. Excellence is a lifestyle, not a destination. LEARN AND WORK.
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