Eliminate the Monday Mindset

For many of us working our 40 hour week, Monday is tough. Tough to be excited about. Tough to get through. Tough to cope with the fact that it’s only the beginning of a long week. I’m writing to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Let me say this first, I understand the Monday mindset. I used to hate Mondays too. I hated them because I hated my job at the time. I felt like there was nothing to be excited about and nothing to look forward to. Each Monday, I started the day groaning and ended every night with a long sigh now that I had finished day one of five.
Let’s talk about the work you’re doing. If you absolutely hate it that much that no matter what day it is, you still hate your job, find a way out. That doesn’t mean an excuse to miss or taking 15 bathroom breaks throughout the day. No, find a way to change your job. Even if you work a 40 hour week, you have 128 other hours to research a new place to spend 40 hours a week. If your research comes up with nothing, or you don’t know where to look, seriously consider going to a Life Coach like myself or anybody in your area. We are trained to help in circumstances like this. If you don’t want to research or go to a Life Coach, consider reaching out to a mentor on the matter of switching jobs. If none of those work, a talent agent is often a good choice as well. No matter which route you choose, educate yourself on the decision that’s about to be made. Weigh out the pros and cons of every possible outcome of this decision.
Now if you like your job, but don’t like Mondays please read on. The Monday mindset hits everybody with a concrete schedule. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we can combat this mindset to make 52 days each year much nicer.
Your first step is to appreciate what you have. Appreciation decreases stress and that alone could change your MM (Monday mindset). Next, consider what you’re looking forward to. WRITE THIS DOWN. Being able to see what you’re looking forward to will help you make it through the day. I also encourage you to write down something you look forward to each day. Then each hour if it’s possible. When I was doing a job I hated I started writing down what I looked forward to each day and each hour of that day. I usually looked forward to going home to hit baseballs. Each hour (you’re going to think this is silly) I looked forward to drinking a half cup of juice. I was working a job delivering cleaning supplies in a box truck. Each hour that went by I would pour juice into my thermos top and sip on it. I couldn’t tell you how much that changed how I thought of my job. Each day I knew I could break my day down into 8 half juice cups to sip on. This completely altered the rest of my days working for that company.
Now we move on to something more difficult. Getting to work. Your MM could categorized into a variety of emotions. Sadness, happiness, excitement, anger, etc. Watch what happens when you change your emotion to “DRIVEN”, “FOCUSED”, AND “DEDICATED”. This is a something that is practiced. But think about making your Mondays your most productive day and see how much nicer the rest of the week is. Being driven, focused, and dedicate on your Monday (likely your toughest day) will make the day go by quicker for you mentally. You will be so focused on being productive that your worst day will fly by. On top of that, you will have accomplished more which will make the rest of your days nicer too. So instead of coming in on Monday feeling some type of negative emotion, work to become the hardest worker there.
If you’re sitting in your office today thinking about how much you hate Mondays I want you to start with this blog and see if you can make a change to your MM. I’m going to have more detail for you in the future, but for now this is a great start. 
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