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Weird title for a blog post right? Keep reading, you’ll find out how dryer sheets tie into success and excellence.
I was doing wash last night, and it dawned on me that something as simple as dryer sheets apply to success. I’m living back in New Jersey now, and I use a dryer sheet every time I put clothes in the dryer. Nothing out of the ordinary. When I was living in California, however, I did not use dryer sheets. We were too broke to afford it to be honest with you. Nonetheless, dryer sheets opened my eyes to something much larger than my wet clothes.
Why do we use dryer sheets? I’m not an expert on wash, but from what I know, it takes away some of the static in your clothes and it makes them smell nicer. Something so small can make a difference in your clothes. But I want you to think bigger. What are your dryer sheets in life? Stick with me, I’m going to help you out here.
We wear clothes as a necessity. (Nudists, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to like this article). Clothes are the norm. We put them on and wear them every day. Inside, outside, at the store, in a restaurant, anywhere you can think, you will see clothing. And dryer sheets reduce static and make them smell nice. Dryer sheets reduce/eliminate a problem, and then enhance our clothes by making them smell nice.
Dryer sheets cost some money, but in the grand scheme of what we’re talking about, they are an investment. An important investment when you think about it. They impact everyone, every day. Dryer sheets have an impact on the world you never considered before. Every day this simple product reduces static and makes clothes smell nicer. Next time you head over to the mall, look around. See the thousands of people wearing clothes. Thousands of people are using dryer sheets to benefit their every day life.
OK, John what is your point?
I’m asking you to think about what is your dryer sheet in life? What is something that reduces a problem and enhances something you have or you’re involved in?
Do you own a business? Want to own a business?
Do you work in an office?
Do you drive a car?
Do you live in a house or apartment?
Do you exercise?
Apply this dryer sheet concept to anything you can think of. Is there one thing that you’ve made a small investment on that reduces/eliminates a problem while also enhancing whatever you’re thinking?
Let me give you another example. As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time on my laptop typing. I listen to music when I’m working by myself on the laptop. I used to have the free version of Pandora. I’m happy to say I can now afford to pay the $5 a month to avoid advertisements. This is my dryer sheet example.
Admittedly, I listen to some really upbeat instrumental techno music when I work. I get in this zone where my focus is what I can only hope a brain surgeon has during surgery. The advertisements used to take me out of that zone. I used to take a break from work every 6 minutes because I would listen to the ads. It’s not the ads fault, it was really mine. But it was a problem I had. So I fixed it with the $5/ month membership. Now I work until I’m done working. Not when the ads come on. On top of that, my work has been much better. My productivity is through the roof. What I’ve been producing is much better than what I used to produce. On top of that, I’ve actually been able to educate myself more on whatever it is I’m doing.
This Pandora membership changed my whole business. It solved a problem and enhanced my work. This is one of my dryer sheets. Maybe this (or something like this) can help you at your work too.
For those aspiring to do more. Anybody looking to start their own business, or maybe even create a side income, think about what your dryer sheets can be. What’s going to solve a problem and enhance what you’re doing? In terms of investing, what is a small investment that can do all of the above?
Help yourself by finding your life dryer sheets. A small investment can make a gigantic difference in how you go about your day. Start by what you do or use the most. I work for most of my day. I enhanced most of my day by investing in my music. Something so simple, so inexpensive, but so important to what I’m doing. Figure out a way to invest into your daily life activities and watch what a difference it makes.
If you don’t have your “Life Dryer Sheet”, I would consider finding one. I gave some examples below, but there are millions of “dryer sheets” out there.
Done-for-you email marketing campaign… Drive up sales, increase awareness
Social Media management… Increase awareness, drive up sales
Updating your building… Create a better environment for customer/employees, increase business
Gym membership… Lose weight, gain confidence
Improve equipment… Enhance products, avoid negative reviews
Premium oil in car… Avoid a bad engine, allow the car to run better
Buy a book/the newspaper… Educate yourself, Enhance your life
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