You DO Have Time, No Excuses

You won’t believe this, but you DO have enough time to accomplish your goals. Your “too busy” excuse won’t hold up anymore, sorry.

I’ve been asking around about why people don’t succeed in whatever it is they desire. And the majority of the answers were “I’m just too busy”. Okay, explain too busy to me. They go into such fine detail about how their schedule is filled up with this and that; none of which includes working toward their goal.

These are the same people that answered “Yes” when I asked if they watch a show regularly or look at their phone for more than an hour each day. Some of them saw were I was going with my questions and gave me something along the lines of “But I need to relax at some point!”.


Again, these same people are seeking advice on why there are not succeeding. Well, the hour of Netflix and the hour of scrolling through social media on your phone each day aren’t doing you any good. On top of that, your day is filled with activities not even relevant to what you enjoy doing, let alone want to succeed in.

So I broke down the days, weeks, months, and years for those I’ve spoken to. With a lot of calculus, some algebra, and even more rocket science… I was able to come up with a timetable WE ALL GO BY.

In a day there are 24 hours.

-Sleep for 8 hours(if that)
-Work for 9 hours(lunch included)

At this point we have 7 hours to spare. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and fill in your day some more.

-Commute to work for 1 hour(back and forth)
-Eat for 1 hour(all of your meals)(overlapping work by the way)

Now we’re at 5 hours to spare. I’m not positive what all of you do during the day, but let’s say:

-Miscellaneous for 2 hours(laundry,cook,clean,talk to friends/family)
-Exercise for 1 hour(gym, run, stretch)

Now at this point we have 2 hours to spare in our day.

If you’re reading this thinking, “I’m way busier than that!”… you’ve already lost.

If you are looking for ways to tell people (or yourself) that you’re so busy you can’t accomplish your goals, you’ve lost. You’re creating an excuse right this second as to why you can’t do something.

So if you’re struggling to accomplish your goals because of time, get rid of that excuse. If its an ego thing, like you need to be busier than everybody else, you’re not going to accomplish your goal. You will be putting this excuse ahead of your own goals; for what reason, I don’t know.

I can promise you the world will respect the person who accomplished their goals more than the person complaining that they have no time to do anything. And if you’re not doing this for respect from the world, that’s okay too. How about yourself? Which version of yourself is more impressive to you? The one knocking down obstacles and crushing their goals or the one moping about being too busy?


Moving on, let’s pretend you really are mostly busy and your day is jam packed with activities and events. You have 2 hours to spare each day. I’m even going to pretend you’re working 7 days a week for you complainers out there. This means you have 14 hours each week left over….pretend it’s a leap year… that gives you 728 hours each year.

728 is equivalent a little over 30 days (about a month). Wow, one entire month each year to accomplish your goals. Now some of you are thinking, but that’s going to take a whole year? You’ve lost again. Is your goal that important? Then a year of hard work won’t mean a thing. The time it takes you to accomplish this goal will mean nothing to you. If you really care about your goal, the time it takes to get there won’t matter, just the outcome.

I’ve given you busy bodies out there the benefit of the doubt. The bare minimum here is 728 hours in a year if you work every single day in that year and you’re packed to the gills with things to do.


I know nobody out there is working 365 days a year for 9 hours each day. I know most of you aren’t even getting in 8 hours every single night. And I know that every other daily activity I brought up doesn’t happen every day for anybody.

Eliminate the excuse that you have no time. You do. It’s how you use your time that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. In reality, you have more than 2 hours each day. You probably have enough time to accomplish your goals AND relax. So I know this blog post was harsh to some of you. If you’re a person who needs to tell everyone or yourself how busy you are to feel better about not accomplishing your goals, I hope this can spark a change in you.

Thinking about a goal and actually accomplishing it are much different. If you want something bad enough, make time for it. Not only that, but make a habit of working toward that goal. Incorporate it into your everyday life. Lose the excuse, and get to work


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