4 Steps to Better Meditation

This post comes to you from a person that used to hate meditation. For most of my life I thought it was weird, a sham, and pretty much not useful. I could not comprehend why people would meditate and what the accomplished doing it.
Then life started getting busy. I seemed to be doing a lot of different things. I was working, I was moving, I was going to college, I was creating my own ideas about future businesses, and still trying to live a happy life. I remember one day after working on everything I just mentioned for about 14 hours, I knew I had to make a change. I wasn’t happy. My head was cluttered with thoughts from everything I was doing. And I wasn’t performing the way I knew I could in anything.
So I started looking around at what I could do. I was reading blogs just like you are now in search of some information that could help me. I was grasping at anything that could help. I was downloading productivity apps, looking at quotes, reading about what others do, and just about every article on productivity, happiness, and success. Throughout my search, I saw a lot… a whole lot of meditation. A found out that one key to success, happiness, and productivity was meditation. So I gave it another try when all hope was lost.
Now I write to you as a beginner. Not in terms of time, I’ve been meditating for about a year now consistently. But a beginner as in, there are plenty of people that know much more than I do. But I’m writing to anybody who might be hesitant to try meditation or anybody who is looking to improve their life a little bit.
When I got back into meditating, I went at it with a plan. I researched what people do when they meditate, what they listen to, where they meditate, the benefits of meditation, and anything else I thought could help me meditate better. I was on a mission to make this work. So I wrote down everything and began to practice. Yes meditation requires practice. I would try: listening to music, meditating in different areas, change the temperature where I was meditating, thinking differently, and even changing the time I was meditating. I found certain things I liked and others that I didn’t. I tried changing certain aspect of meditation to help me improve for the next day. Now I have a pretty good system for mediation.
I’m writing to you today to talk about the benefits. First, I was relaxed. Something I was struggling to do prior to meditating. I found I was happier. I was getting rid of most of what was stressing me out. And the 1/2 hour I was (and still am) taking to meditate proved to increase my productivity. I wasn’t working with a cluttered mind anymore. Life was simply better.
Now I’m not here to guarantee any of this for you. But if you feel stuck, try meditating for 30 days in a row and see what it does for you. I only meditate for a 1/2 hour, but I’ve heard of people going anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Find whatever works best for you.
When you’re experimenting meditating, try these variables to make your experience the best as possible:
1. Where you meditate.
-Go somewhere quiet
-Sit or lay somewhere comfortable
2. External Noises.
-Listen to music
-Listen to a sound
-Listen to a guided meditation (YouTube has this)
-Anything you hear (if anything) should be relaxing and pleasant
3. Time
-There is no specific time
-See how long it takes you to block out everything else and go from there
-Practice meditating without the clock, when you’re finished, open your eyes and write down the time it took to finish
4. Thinking
-Begin by thinking about something simple
-I think about what dropping into a puddle to start and allow my mind to relax
-Let your mind take over itself by blocking out all thoughts
-Done correctly, you will be in complete peace with your mind and body
Some helpful links to learn more about meditation:
Give these a try and let me know what you think! Is there anything you found that helps you meditate effectively? Outside of meditation, what helps you relax? Comment on any of the social media this is shared on and let everyone know!
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