The Nature of Fear

You have a great idea, an ambition, a dream, but something is holding you back from beginning the journey to achieve it. Most times, fear is holding you back. It could be fear of failure and fear of your self- image. No matter the nature, fear is still holding us back.
Let’s start with fear of failure. Whatever it is we are thinking about accomplishing there will always be the possibility of failure. There is a chance we go after something wholeheartedly and come up short. And how you’re thinking about this right this second might determine whether you succeed or fail.
Consider the opportunity to fail a blessing. Yes, a blessing. Stop thinking about the opportunity to fail as a negative connotation. I’ll give you an example to explain this a little better. Let’s pretend you want to start a business. As you might know, there are millions of people just in our country who want to do the same. For example’s sake, lets say 1 million people want to start a business too. Out of those 1 million people, we can assume many of them (a number around 90% depending on the business) won’t even begin the process of starting a business. Right off the bat, our competition has dropped tremendously. Then we have those who start the business, but quit after a series of small failures. Now you have our world. The people that pushed through the initial fear of failure and those who stuck it out through the difficult times of their business. What’s left are the people that used failure as fuel. They learned from their mistakes, they’ve conquered the problems they were faced with. What does this example tell us?
We can see fear of failure as a great attribute to our world. In a sense, it helps us out. Fear of failure weeds out the people who clearly don’t want it bad enough leaving us less to compete with. Not that competition is a bad thing, but I’ll take competing with 100,000 people compared to 1,000,000 any day. And then once people take that initial step, and face failure head on they quit. This means our basic guideline to overcoming fear of failure is simple.
First, BEGIN. Just go for it.
Second, OUTLAST. Outlast failure. Learn from it. Grow from it.
And at last, if you have learned from failure and not quit, you have succeeded. Make this simple! Don’t think about the complex details of your goal when you first begin. Understand that failure can be your friend. It can work for you if you’re willing to let it.
Now we have the fear of self- image.
All too often we see people concerned with how they’ll look once the world knows their goal. We see this because the world is accustomed to laughing at people with goals higher than anything they could image accomplishing themselves. The 99% dictate how each person feels individually. And because we see the “norm” doing or saying something, we feel the need to follow along. Then we wonder why we’re not happy with ourselves living a normal life.
We combat the fear of self- image with confidence, emotional intelligence, and commitment.
We gain confidence through a number of ways, but the smallest victories count the most. Find something every day that makes you proud to be you. Something that says you’re ready to stand out in a crowd of millions just because you are who you are. This might mean you worked incredibly hard today, or you’ve accomplished a small goal others are not willing to accomplish.
Emotional intelligence is tough for most people to understand. It’s an understanding of people. I think of this as one of the closest things to mind- reading. We need to understand what others feel and often think to see through their doubt of our goal. Quite often you will hear people tell you why something can’t be done. You have to have confidence within yourself to hear what they have to say, and work to prove their theory wrong. Understand that they think this can’t be done because they do not have confidence in themselves. They also doubt your goal because they do not have a plan of their own to accomplish it. We have to be able to say “Okay, thank you” and distance ourselves from their negativity and put in the work.
Our commitment covers a variety of positive traits to success. First we must commit to our goal by planning. This means you have a detailed route to accomplishing your goal. We have to commit our time, energy, emotion, and feelings. We must be willing to sacrifice doing things that don’t allow us to reach out goal. We must be ready to wake up early, stay up later, and give energy toward this goal for it to work. Emotionally this won’t be easy. We must be ready to experience the highs and lows of what our goal entails. Commit to any and everything relative toward your goal, and you will find success.
Can you overcome the fear of failure and the fear of self- image? Everybody will face both, but not all will succeed. Can you outlast the rest? Failure is a prerequisite to success. Will your mind help you or hurt you in this process? Doubt is inevitable, success can be too if you’re ready mentally.
Let me know what your fear is. What’s holding you back? How can we help each other move forward from fear?


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