Risk! No, Not the Game

Oh no, risk! To most of us this is equivalent to a curse word. We avoid risk every chance we get right? And to others, a small percentage of the world, risk is a means to something great. Let’s talk about this. I’m hoping by the end of this people comment or write in with some argument.
I’m going to start by telling you risk is almost always an essential to accomplishing something great. You risk failure, your personal image, your money, your time, and many other aspects of life. When we look at the 1%ers of the world, we can find a risk in what they have done. And if you can’t find risk, you haven’t looked deep enough into their story.
Let me bring up some examples.
Have you thought of starting a business before? Do you know what goes into starting a business? You’re putting a lot at risk.
First, you’re going to hear people telling you it can’t work or can’t be done: risking self-image. Then you’re going to have to spend time creating a plan, hiring employees, marketing, and essentially growing the business: risking time you could have spent earning money at a job you would have gotten no problem at all. You’re going to have to START the business with money; money to register your business, an office space possibly, a website, advertising, office supplies, employees, and whatever else you can think of: risking your own money. There are probably hundreds or thousands of other businesses just like yours that have failed, why is yours different? : risking failure.
My athletes out there with the hopes of going pro… do you know what it takes to go pro? First you’re going to hear people telling you it can’t be done. You’re going to be laughed at and talked about behind your back : risking self- image. You’re going to spend most of your time practicing and improving in your sport : risk wasting your time. You can’t have a normal 40 hour week like the rest of your friends; you would be lucky to find a good-paying part time job somewhere making less than everyone you know : risking money being made. And it shouldn’t be a secret that this might not work out the way you want it to : risking failure.
Two small samples of what risk involves. And I only gave the image, money, time, and failure risks when we all know there is more to risk than just those four examples. Pretty scary right? Risk is scary. That’s why you see MILLIONS of people head to a job they hate every morning. They avoid the risk because that job they hate, is safe. They know it’s available to them. The only thing they have to do is show up and do what they’re told. Then 20 years go by and they wonder why they aren’t happy being stuck in a miserable safety net.
I’m writing to you because I think you can still accomplish excellence even with risk looming nearby. People see success as black and white with no in between. If somebody fails, they are a failure. If somebody succeeds they are a success. When in reality it’s not like that. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface, failure helps people succeed. Risk allows people to shine. Let’s talk about how risk can work in your favor.
If you can conquer risk…
Self- Image: Learn confidence and how to apply it to your life. You will learn to learn from the critics and apply it to what you’re doing. People might tell you that it can’t be done. Find a way to politely ask “I hear what you’re saying, why don’t you think it can be done?” Keep note of why people think you can fail and begin to work on it. At the end of the day, the person who tried and failed/succeeding is more interesting than the person who laughed at the person who tried right?
Time: You’re risking time doing something else to accomplish excellence. You’re going to learn to cherish the time you have available with family and friends first of all. You’re also going to learn to make each second you’re working more efficient. Time is on the line! You can’t waste any of it procrastinating. If you’re doing what you love are you really wasting time anyway?
Money: For almost any example you can think of, money is at risk. And today alone, I spoke with people who put money at risk to accomplish something they believed was excellent. The crazy thing was, they learned more about managing money than ever before. Let’s pretend you start $1000 to start a small business. Now you have to learn to be even more responsible with your money. If you saved the $1000 yourself you’ve learned to save money and that you’re able to survive on less. If you’re borrowing the $1000 you’ve learned how to get a loan or possibly work with investors. Let’s say you want to be a pro athlete. You risk not making money like your friends. You learn to survive on less. You learn to budget appropriately. Not everybody is so lucky when it comes to budgeting. That friend you have who just graduated an got a great job was earning so much money. Then they buy a car. Then a house. Then they start a family. And wouldn’t you know it, that person is in over their eyeballs with debt because they just had a lot of money and wanted to spend it where you’ve budgeted and learned what it takes to hold onto the money you have.
Failure: This one really hits home to me. You can fail. It’s possible with everyone. But with each failure comes a lesson if you have your eyes open. Every failure allows us an opportunity to learn what we should NOT be doing to accomplish our goals or what we can do better. In the long- run, the more we fail, the more we learn. As long as we keep getting back to our
feet, failure works in our favor.
Everybody reading, everybody holding themselves back from what they want to do, everybody in pursuit of excellence, risk is there. Risk is inevitable. Learn to control it. Find a way to embrace the risk and watch yourself grow. Don’t let the fear of risk hold you back.
I want to know what else you risk when you look to accomplish greatness. I left out a few I thought of, so you all can send in some answers. So you can: send in what else you risk or send in what you think your biggest risk is to accomplishing what you want.
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