Staple pieces for your Spring Wardrobe

When I was a little girl I always dreamt about having a huge closet filled with everything my little heat desired. Every color shoe to go with every outfit, jewelry for every occasion and endless, endless amounts of purses (I am a closeted purse whore). Now that I am grown, and my heart still dreams about a closet as big as a bedroom, I am happy with the wardrobe I have built with all the necessary staples items.

To me, putting an outfit together is almost like a work of art. I love starting out with plain pieces and adding accessories that make the whole outfit. On a weekend day shopping with friends I love a good pair of ripped jeans, comfy slip on sneakers, your favorite t-shirt and a cute casual button up to top it off. Maybe add a pendent necklace and some stack-able rings and you have yourself an outfit!


Here are some staples everyone should have in their wardrobe..

Plain t-shirt/boyfriend t-shirt: Weather it’s a black, white or any color; you can wear a plain t-shirt with any outfit! Wearing them with printed pants or skirts really can bring out those patterns. Even wearing an over-sized t-shirt and adding a knot in the front gives the look some edge.

Leggings: This is the era of leggings. I mean really, who doesn’t own a pair? They are perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re dressing them down for the gym or wearing them with high thigh boots and a slouchy top. Wear the leggings; don’t let the leggings wear you.

Ripped jeans: I know this one might be a bit controversial. We all have those family parties where there’s that one family member who jokes “I could have put those holes in your jeans for free!” Haha, right? Ripped jeans when worn appropriately can be very tasteful.  Wearing ripped jeans in the spring are my absolute favorite. Rolling up the bottoms with some heels and a cute top is perfect for happy hour outside with your friends!

Brown/Black Purse: I’m not the type of girl who needs to match her purse to every outfit but I do like having my options. Having a black and brown purse as an option can really tie an outfit together. I tend to use a bigger purse for work during the week and on the weekends I switch to a smaller cross body bag depending on my outfit.

White tennis shoes: For me, tennis shoes are everything in the spring. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, shorts and even a dress! They are so versatile and give your look that girly touch. Another reason I love them is because they’re so cheap. Most are under 10 bucks!

Jean Jacket: I love how jean jackets are making a comeback. This is probably my favorite piece in my wardrobe. You literally add it to any outfit and you’ll look bomb. Your best bet to find a super cute jacket would be at a thrift store. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Gold accessories: And yes I mean fake gold. Dainty gold jewelry is the perfect touch on a spring outfit. Whether it’s gold hoop earrings or a multi-layer chain that plunges to your cleavage, gold accessories are sexy but classy. Forever 21 have a great selection between two and seven dollars.

Baseball Cap: It doesn’t have to have a team name or logo or anything. Plain baseball caps are my favorite thing to wear on day 3 of not washing my hair. They sport up your look whether you’re off to the gym or running errands.


I honestly feel like I could go on and on about clothes but these are the items that I know I won’t be without this spring. Another thing I would like to add is you do not have to spend a lot of money on clothes to have a versatile wardrobe. Forever 21 has great basic pieces for cheap, you can find hidden gems in thrift-stores and when you take the time to look and find the deal it is so worth it. Spring is on its way; make sure you and your wardrobe are ready!


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