7 Steps to Clear Skin

There are times after a long day where I just want to melt into bed. Where I don’t even feel like changing into pajamas let alone taking off my makeup. We’ve all been there. Sometimes the #struggleisreal, but I promise you that even if you half ass taking that makeup off, your face will thank you.

Let me start off with my skin type. I am oily/combination with sensitive skin. In the summer I am a hot mess. In the winter I am only a bit of a hot mess in the T-zone and my cheeks are normal. Believe it or not I have more acne now than I did when I was in my teens but with that being said my skin is still pretty good. I have the days where my skin is looking dull, my under eye circles are looking more purple and sometimes there is that one pimple that just will not go away.

Everything from what you drink to what you eat or how much you sleep affects your skin. When I don’t drink enough water, my skin is dull. When I binge on gushers and cherry coke, can we say hello pimple town?  When I’m tossing and turning all night you know that I am waking up with dark circles (I guess being the friend who goes to bed at 10 on the weekend’s works in my favor sometimes). And I feel like unfortunately for me, someone with really sensitive skin, if I do anything of these things too much, my skin suffers.

One thing that I can control is washing my face, even on those late nights. Washing your face and getting rid of all those impurities is one of the best feelings after a long day. Now, I know there are natural products and vegan products and things you should use and things you shouldn’t use. I am not an expert, I am not an aesthetician and I am not going to tell you need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on skin care. Just by taking these few steps every night to take care of your skin, you’ll see a difference in no time.

Your hands are your best tools. I used my hands to wash my face pretty much my whole life. About two years ago I invested in a spin brush and it changed the way I washed my face. I thought using a makeup wipe then washing my face was enough but when I started to use the spin brush and I saw how much makeup was still coming off I was surprised. I will say as gross as it is, it is oddly satisfying. It is just crazy how much can get clogged in your pores throughout the day. Even if you’re using the most expensive face wash but not properly washing, you won’t be as happy with your results.

Going to sleep without washing your makeup off is probably one of the worst things we can do. If I go to bed with my makeup on I am waking with a huge honking pimple. Not to mention the pimples that I’ll get in the following weeks just from not washing my face that one night. Here are the steps I take to ensure that my skin is properly cleansed.

1.      Makeup remover

·       I use a flat cotton pad to wipe off my base, lipstick, eye shadow, and eye brows.

2.      Makeup Wipe

·       I go in with a makeup wipe to make sure I got my entire base off. With what is left over I wet the makeup wipe and gently rub it over each eye to take off my mascara.

3.      Eye makeup remover

·       I saturate a flat cotton pad and hold it over my eye gently pulling up to remove any excess mascara

4.      Face wash Make sure you’re getting one that suits your skin type.

·       Whatever face wash I am using that day, I put two drops on my spin brush and go to work. Focusing on the T-zone (where I tend to break out).

·       Also, do not forget your hairline! I know it might sound silly but from all that contour and bronzer your pores/hair follicles can get clogged too!

5.      Toner

·       Again, use a flat cotton round gently swipe along face to restore your faces pH balance. I use a pore minimizing one.

6.      Moisturize – Make sure you’re getting one for your skin type.

·       Apply moisturizer in an upwards motion. Make sure you don’t forget around your eyes (if you do not use an eye cream) and the neck.

·       Even if you have oily skin, this step is still so important. You need to keep your skin hydrated.

7.      Top it off with a finishing spray (optional), salicylic acne spot treatment (if needed) and one of my holy grails, coconut oil (optional).

·       Finishing spray just adds some extra moisture, they smell so good and it’s just fun to spray!

·       I usually put an acne spot treatment in my T-zone even when I am not breaking just to prevent future pimples

·       Coconut oil is a game changer. I will put this on any spot that is dry or flaky to help heal the skin and I always put it on my eye brows and eye lashes to help them grow! I promise you it works.

I know these steps might seem excessive but this is what works for me. Everyone’s skin is different and what is most important is that you find a routine that works for you. I did include links as to where you can buy the products I use but I usually find most of them at a Marshall’s/TJ Maxx for under six dollars! Don’t forget to love your skin and take care of it. It will be thanking you later. Thanks so much for reading!

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