Bet On Yourself, Not the Safety Net

I’m writing this for everyone who at one point lost hope in their dreams. They lost faith in what they wanted to do in life. The people who started a career doing something they hated because it gave them temporary satisfaction from their bank account. The people who bet on the safety net and not themselves.

Let’s define a few things to start. The safety net I refer to is a job you don’t want, but thought you needed at a certain point. A safety net that has kept you down from really pursuing what you love because it’s safe. The safety net that doesn’t allow you to escape. The safety net that won’t reward you for your best effort, but rather somebody who bet on themselves.

When I say “bet on yourself”, what I mean is trust that you can do it. Believe that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish. Believe that even though there is a chance you could fail temporarily, you know you will thrive in the end. Betting on yourself is only gambling if you don’t think you can do it.


If you’re grumbling right now about “the world doesn’t work this way” or “other people have a better chance to succeed than I do”, you’ve lost.

If you’re feeling inspired by the first few paragraphs, you’re already on the right track.

The truth is, not everybody can live the life they want. And it’s not because the world is structured that way, it’s because people are structured that way.

Everything we go through in life is a direct result of our own self. The rest of the world plays a factor, but we ultimately determine our life.

I see people all too often getting caught up in the rat race when it comes to their life. They took a job because they needed the money. They stayed in that job because they found a reason their original plan might not work. They complain about their lifestyle because they’re not happy with how they are living. And one day, they will regret the past 40-50 years because they didn’t bet on them self.

I want to first encourage you to bet on yourself. Accomplish everything you wish to accomplish. In the end, we all die some day, and you might miss out on an entire life of happiness if you don’t bet on yourself. Secondly, I want to tell you that it’s possible. It’s possible to have everything you wanted.

The reason it’s possible to accomplish everything you wish to is because of the safety nets we see in life. Safety nets appeal to 99% of the world. That 99% is working for or dreaming of being the 1% out there.

Do some people fall into a great situation? Of course they do. I’m not here to tell you everybody you see on TV or with a million dollars got there through hard work and grit. No, some people got lucky.

Out of the 1% I mentioned, 99% of them bet on themselves and made their life happen rather than let their life happen for them, however. Don’t count on being lucky, and if you are, I really can’t help you.

How do we bet on ourselves?

It starts with a belief. We believe that we can accomplish something. Then it turns into planning. Planning consists of goal setting, prioritizing, and time management (I wrote a book about that you can find here). From planning we begin to act. We act by educating ourselves and then putting in the work. After we act, we revisit everything above and do the process over again.

Believing in yourself isn’t always easy. Self- doubt creeps in your head. You hear about other people that tried and failed. You hear other people tell you why something can’t be done. But you neglect the reasons of why you can do it. You forget you are a special person. You’re willing to go above and beyond the rest to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Planning isn’t a quick process. Planning means you understand everything you want and need to do what you’re thinking of doing. You plan by setting a goal or goals, prioritizing what is takes to reach them and your life, and then you manage your time to make sure your priorities are reached. This process takes brainstorming, commitment, thought, and possibly reaching out to somebody for help.

To act, is to do. Educate yourself on what you can do to reach your goals. Once you know enough (more than enough), you work. You get to work doing everything in your power to accomplish your goals. And then you repeat the process.

After you’ve done everything listed, you repeat the process. New goals are formed, new priorities are in order, you’ve learned lessons along they way, you adjust what you need to, and get back to accomplishing what you desire.

Let me say this too, failure is inevitable. You will fail. You will make mistakes. It’s part of the entire process. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t grown. You fail to learn. And if you don’t see it that way, you will fail permanently. Fail upwards means to fail with progress in mind. When you learn from your failures, you will reach a level of success very few were able to reach.

Think about how the safety net works in our favor if you’re willing to bet on yourself. 99% of the people will see failure and give up. They won’t learn from it. They won’t grow from it. Instead they quit. This leaves more room for you at the table of success. Less competition.

I don’t want competition to scare you away. Truthfully, you can learn just as much or sometimes more from the competition than you can your own failures. This all comes as part of educating yourself. But when we bet on ourselves and we see that it’s us versus one million, it’s scary. Then we realize 99% of them won’t make it to where we want to be simply because of the safety net. You versus 10,000 sounds much nicer doesn’t it? I would take those odds any day.

Let me leave you with the conclusion to all of this. Bet on yourself, and not the safety net. The safety net makes you a living, betting on yourself creates a life worth living. Your dreams and goals can happen if you decide you want them to happen. Don’t fall into the 99%ers. Be the 1% that lives the best life you can possibly imaging.


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