7 Tips for Your Resume

Applying for a job? Will you be applying for a job in the future? You’re going to need a resume. Let me be more clear. You’re going to need an incredible resume.
Pretend for a moment that you’re a boss. One of you employees is moving across the country in a few weeks and you need to fill that position as soon as possible.
You go on indeed.com and post a job opening. You’re job is out there in front of THOUSANDS of eyes, and probably hundreds of qualified eyes.
Then the resumes and cover letters start pouring in. They fill up your inbox. And your job is to sift through every one of them until you find candidates you want to help grow the company you’ve spent so many hours, days, months, and years growing.
What is the first impression you have of some stranger who wants to work for you? The resume.
Put yourself back in your shoes. Now that you know your resume will be somebody’s first impression of you, do you know how to make a great first impression?
One of our services here at R2E is to help people create the best first impression possible. We do a pretty damn good job of that, but for those who aren’t going through us to build your resume, here are some great tips to get you started.
1. Let your personal information stand out on the page. Your resume is somebody’s first impression of you, but what is the first impression on a resume? Your name, number, email, and address right? We suggest putting your name in bold or a larger font so the person sifting through resumes will remember your name.
2. Get rid of the “Objective”. Everybody knows you’re applying for the _____ position. Everybody knows you want the job. Take out the objective to leave room for other skills or positions that might favor you more than the typical “I really want this job” objective.
3. Put your best “stuff” at the top. Again, employers are looking through ALOT of resumes. They might skim through all of them and pick from the best of what they’ve seen. Putting your best stuff at the top beats the “skim test”.
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