Productivity Tips for Commuters

Yes, if you commute to work, this one’s for you. DO NOT READ THIS WHILE DRIVING.

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. If you want to have a more productive commute to work, try these:



  1. Audiobooks

Can’t seem to get that reading done at home? Or you just feel sleepy when you read? Listening to an audiobook can be a great way to finish a couple books each year. Try Amazon to see how you can start with an audiobook membership. You can also download audiobooks onto your phone over the internet.

2. Note Taking

If you’re in control of a vehicle, us an audio recorded. If not, start jotting down notes. What would you like to accomplish today? What can you do better at work or home? What’s your bucket list? You can ask yourself anything an take notes on it. Find concepts that move you forward.

3. Self Relection

This might tie into the point above, but really think about your life. Think about what you wants and needs are. Think about how you can help others. Really dive deep into what your life is all about.

4. Listen to Podcasts

Know a subject you like? Try a podcast from a certain genre. You can use iTunes or any other podcast app you might have. Learn something along the way to work!

5. Purge Your Inbox (pending you’re not controlling a vehicle)

Get rid of junk emails, categorize the ones you need, eliminate the clutter and move on!

6. Plan your day/meals.

It’s important to structure your day. Especially when it comes to eating and what you’ll be doing. Coming up with a plan can avoid distraction and possibly allow more time for productivity. Creating a meal plan for the day (and sticking to it), will obviously help live a healthier lifestyle and possibly lose weight in the process.

7. Actively search the internet or apps to learn something. Audiobooks and podcasts are great, but there are millions of online resources you can use. Maybe you want to learn a new language.. try Duolingo online or in the App store. Maybe you need help marketing, check Pinterest or other related online articles. Be careful not to get caught up in internet searches that won’t be productive!


If you work 50 weeks in a year and commute 5 days a week that leaves us with 250 days of work. Let’s say your commute is 20 minutes.

250 x 20 = 5,000 minutes = 83.3 hours = 3 full days of productivity just by your commute alone. We get it, the entire population is not in love with being productive outside of work (or even during work), but this is an easy way to really improve on yourself while doing a simple task that has to be done.

Yes you could listen to music, and sing along to every song. Sometimes you need days like that. But if you can turn a majority of those days into something productive, you’ll be in a better place for it.

Have a better way to commute? Let us know. Send in a comment or tag an article of your own.

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