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John Brocious (creator of this site) writing to you tonight. I have to write this. It’s been on my mind for a while now, and I don’t want to hold it in. Forgive me I my words are spewed into this blog. I just don’t think I’ll ever be ready to write about this topic, so I’m giving you everything I have.

I’m going to start this by apologizing to every business mentor who told me not to get involved publicly on issues like this. They said it was bad for business and could hurt potential growth of my brand. I’m doing it anyway.

Now I am by no means a political person. Truthfully, I don’t side with one party or another on everything. I don’t need a political party to form my opinions for me. I have opinions about issues our country and world experience just like the rest of us. I try to see everything from all perspectives rather than just one political party perspective.

I’m about to do the same right now. And although I can’t put every emotion or thought into one blog, I’m going to try to explain all of this the best I can.


Here it goes…

First, I want to let you know that my opinion on politics in general is not one side or the other. I know a lot of you reading are always Republican or always Democrat. That’s not me. I will say from my point of view, I’ve seen good and bad come from both sides.

To appeal to an entire country is impossible. People will always see something negatively while others will see it in a positive light. Politics are so controversial because one side sees the positive while another side will only see the negative. And honestly, I don’t know who has our best interest at heart regardless of which side they are on. I don’t know any politicians personally, but I can only hope they are in it to help our country and world.

I think we live in a country where we’ve chosen a political side and we’re ready to stick with that no matter what happens. I see it all the time where somebody from one side does something right, and the other side finds a reason to hate them for it. Somebody on one side does something wrong; that side defends while the other side cannot wait to point it out.

I think we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t want to see change as bad as we want to be right. We as a country have chosen a side and no matter what happens, we will stick with that side instead of finding a way to work with each other.

Why should we have to hate somebody for being a Democrat or Republican? It’s because they don’t believe in what we believe in right? Because what we think is always right.

I know there are people reading this right now saying “Well a lot of what I believe in is clearly right, the other side is definitely wrong”. That right there is when you lose your battle of ever making progress.

The other side has been impacted in a certain way that makes them believe something. They got to their belief through a lifetime of experiences. If you want to convince them that you’re right, how are you going to go about it?

Are you going to scream and them with you opinion? Will you say it to your other political party friends that the other side is clearly wrong? Will you tell the other side how much you hate them and how awful they are? I see this happen every day.

Or will you bring up facts to support your opinion/ argument? Will you listen to the other side about what they have to say? Are you willing to compromise? Can there be a win-win situation or does it always have to be win-lose? Can you express your feelings or beliefs politely without bring up more hate than there already is? Can we stop thinking of arguments as a competition?

Is there any way that every political view we have can move our country forward? Whether you like it or not, the other side wants our country to move forward too. They just think we should do it differently than you might. When you look deep down into what they are saying, the other side is trying to accomplish something for everyone. Until we all find a way to move forward through collaboration rather than choosing a side, we will continue to see sorrow in our country.


WE find ways to see the world divide us. We see political parties, state lines, cardinal direction, color, sports teams, you name it divide us every day.

But we neglect the fact that we have things in common to bond over. We are human beings, we live on the same planet, we live in the same country, we eat, we sleep, we work, we have commonalities.

WE choose to focus on one side each day. Do you wake up ready to embrace the commonalities or do you see divide? Are you willing to move passed opinion and collaborate? Can you accept that the side who believes in something else isn’t always evil and that they were just impacted a certain way their entire life to make them believe in something? Can we move on from hating one another to loving that we’re all ready to move in the same direction? Forward.

I grew up playing sports. I lived my life as a member of a team. I didn’t love everybody on my teams. I never hated everybody either. I just kind of went into each season ready to work together toward a common goal. What if we saw our country as a team? What if we tackled every issue as if we were to accomplish the same goal? Could we use a similar goal to bond us together?

But John, you said politics aren’t always easy to come up with one solution for everybody. You’re right, it’s nearly impossible to please an entire country. Can you take a hit while your neighbor benefits? Could your neighbor take a hit while you benefit? Could you both benefit completely? Could you both benefit partially? Could you put your country before yourself? Could our country do this together?

Let’s end the conversations that begin with hate. Let’s stop arguing to be right and start expressing to create a positive change. Let’s begin by agreeing that we want to see our country move forward. Let’s start to listen to the other side. Let’s back our opinion with fact. Let’s calmly and politely express how we feel and why we feel a certain way. Let’s agree to disagree on some issues because politics can’t please everybody. Let’s think about country before self when it comes to tough issues. Let’s do the one thing everybody wants to do collectively… live a happy life.

Share this if you want to see us move forward together. If you think I’m wrong, let me know. I signed my name at the bottom so we can discuss (not fight).

John Brocious

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