Most Common Languages Spoken

We’ve had some people writing in about the best languages they should start learning. So we searched around and found some of the most common languages spoken.


Hopefully this blog can get you started on what languages might be more beneficial to learn if you don’t know where to begin.

If we could offer any advice, learn a language you’re interest in. Is there a country you love to learn about? Is there a country you visit often? Learn about whatever will apply to you.

When you do decide, try these:

Rosetta Stone



Here’s the most common languages we found:

  1. Mandarin Chinese
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish
  5. Arabic
  6. Malay
  7. Russian
  8. Bengali
  9. Portuguese
  10. French

This is our best estimate based on multiple articles and facts. Nobody can seem to agree on a number or order for this list. However, this list popped up quite often.

We want to mention that Japanese, German, and Italian popped up quite often as well.

When you’re thinking about trying out a new language, consider location too.

For example, Mandarin will allow you to speak with more people in Asia than it would Africa. I know it’s a silly example, but if you like traveling to Africa, why would you learn Mandarin unless it was for work.

Speaking Spanish allows you to communicate with people in parts of Europe, the Caribbean, parts of North America, and Latin America mostly.

If you love going to Italy, maybe you should consider learning Italian since you will be there often.

Whatever it is you want to learn, make sure it’s relevant to what you like or what you will experience.

The truth is, this list should not define what language you learn. It’s a start if you don’t have ties to anywhere in the world. Each circumstance is different. Learn whatever will help you live a happier (and possibly easier) life in the long run.

Are you bilingual? Let us know! How did you learn your second language?

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