Eating with a Purpose

The self perceived image we tend to aim and eat for, generated through the current norm developed by society can sometimes be misleading. The vast amount of body compositions, physical bodily structures and genetics make everyone of us unique. That being said, not every “diet” will work for everyone, however that doesn’t mean throw the towel in just yet.pexels-photo-264537.jpeg

As a certified Nutrition Specialist, a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and a USAW Strength & Performance Coach, I have seen it all in regards to fitness routines but most importantly nutrition and dietary regiments. Some kind of fitness routine will definitely help speed up aesthetic goals one may have from burning fat faster along with speeding up the metabolism. However, I have had many clients who work a large amount of long and odd hours of the day and simply cannot get into the gym. Do not fret, there is plenty of hope for you looking to seem some “summer body” features within the near future.

Fad diets such as Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers etc. have been proven to work for many but rather in small quantities of success. Often many do not realize some of these diets are depleting us from some essential nutrients that our body needs to regulate its daily intake as well as absorb and use what nutrients we are ingesting to help us properly operate on a daily basis.

The most efficient form of dieting that I myself conduct daily along with teaching to my clients and coaching them thoroughly on is the “macro nutrient” diet. Counting your macro nutrients have never been labeled as a diet until more recently where a-lot of these top athletes in the sports and fitness world have started to tinker with the concept. Macro nutrients consist within every form and shape of food we eat, we just don’t choose to acknowledge them and how many of them we take in at a time. The three key nutrients that make up our macro nutrient count are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If you pay attention to the nutrition facts panel on every product you purchase, these three nutrients are listed amongst a few other things. The process that goes hand in hand with these components is what regulates our body’s consumption which targets the body’s aesthetic make up.

Eating “healthy” is a great start to dieting however we don’t eat the exact same portions every day which causes an irregular intake balance typically leading to a fluctuation in our BMI (body mass index). Through counting your macros (macro nutrients) you can regulate your body’s daily food intake speeding up the metabolism, burning of fat, function of organs and many other bodily advantages we possess and require. One great thing about counting our macro intake is that we are not limited to specific foods unless we choose to be. Yes, that is correct. If you still want to enjoy that half of pint of ice cream at night you still can. The only catch to that is you will be tracking the serving size consumed which typically leads to “In Moderation” portions but we can still enjoy the finer things. Exercising can be a hassle to those day to day workers who may be overwhelmed with school and or family and can be tough to pursue.

Do not fear, the macro option is here. On my next write up I will go further into this dieting option and how it works from the calculation of your starting macro numbers, how they can be regulated weekly and the process at hand of transformation through it.


-Mike Casper, CFL1, FNS, USAW S&P


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