6 Interviewing Tips You Need to Know

Check out my latest article from my company Road 2 Excellence on how you can interview better. We work with students on a regular basis who are applying for jobs, and found that these 6 (really 7) tips can help you land a job. Take a look below or check out R2E for the full article.
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Hey R2E readers! John writing to you today about how to have your absolute best interview when applying for a job. It’s something we don’t think about until it’s about to happen. We’re so worried about finding the right job that we forget to actually perform when it matters the most (at least initially), the interview!
Let’s take a look into what can possibly help.
First, you should have an awesome resume. This is actually one of R2E’s best attributes as a company. We work with students on building a professional resume for a third of what everyone else costs. Check out our services to see more!
You’re going to need to stand out in a pile of other resumes. How can you do that? Without giving away all of our secrets, your resume should be clean. And although you might not have more experience in schooling than everybody else, you just have to have enough to make it to your interview. Keep a clean resume highlighting all of your best attributes and what they company might want in an employee.
Next we’re going to talk about preparing for the interview. This is crucial because it will determine how the interview goes. So how can we prepare?
First, educate yourself on the company you’re applying to work for. Nothing is more impressive when a potential employee comes in with knowledge on the company and how they might be able to help. This means, know what they do, who they do it for, where they do it, and possibly even who you would be working for. If you can come in and have a discussion about what they (the interviewer) knows like the back of their hand, you’re on the right track.
Second, practice what you’re going to say. Almost every interview has the question “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. So prepare for what you’re going to say. Prepare for questions like “Why do you think you would be an asset to our team” and “What do you like to do in your free time” as well. Are you prepared to answer questions about your schooling or experience? What classes did you take, what was your favorite part about this class, what did you learn from this job, why did you leave this company? Be ready for it all!
Third, and this doesn’t mean third most important, be confident and work on your confidence. The first two tips I just talked about should help with this. Go into the interview like you want the job and you’re going to get the job. Act like you’ve been in this position before. Don’t go in and mumble answers or talk so quietly the interviewer has to ask you to speak up. This is your job, you’re going to own it and be a huge asset to the company.
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