3 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Today

It’s no secret the world revolves around money. As much as we don’t want it to, our world does too. We need it to do the things we love and have the things we want.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. Take a look at how you can easily make some money today.

  1. Sell something

Do you have clothes laying around that you haven’t worn or don’t like? What about that fitness product you bought off the TV and haven’t touched? Do you have old books or electronics? How about any jewelry you know you don’t need anymore?

Whatever you’re not attached to, get rid of it. This is one of the easiest things you can do today that will first free up some space in your house, but second, allow you to buy something you would actually want to have tomorrow.

Don’t know where to sell? Try these:

Let Go

Facebook – just open your app and click on the little store icon




Plato’s Closet – for your clothes


2. Online Surveys

Is it the most glorious way to make money? No. But can you do it from anywhere at any time? Yes.

Money Pantry came out with an awesome article on some really great survey sites here.

Taking online surveys are not something you would get rich doing, but it’s a great way to make some extra money while you’re sitting there catching up on your Netflix shows.

Some people make an extra $50 a day just from taking surveys. Think about what an extra $50 could do for you. And over the course of a year, maybe you do 200 days of surveys and make only $30 each day… our calculators told us you can make $6000!

We’ve tried a couple sites on our own. Here they are:

Survey Savvy




3. Perform a service

We’re all good at something. Commission what you can do for others to make some extra cash.

This might be gardening, landscaping, makeup, hair styling, drawing, painting, home improvement, craft work, automotive work, photography, cleaning, etc.

You could tutor or teach people on a subject you know really well. Maybe you don’t want to actually go out and DO what you’re good at, so this alternative is a great option.

You’re able to be your own boss and charge whatever you want. This option comes with risk and reward.

You have to find customers yourself (unless you want to pay people) and you would have to do all the work yourself (unless you want to pay people). If you’re slacking, you make less money.

If you’re hustling… you get to keep all the money (likely cash), you build a name for yourself (hopefully in a good way), and you can work when you want.

When charging a price, we suggest you charge at least a little bit less than the average industry price of whatever it is you’re doing. After all, if this is under the table, you won’t have to tax yourself, and you will appeal to more customers.

You can market yourself by word of mouth, social media, guest- writing on blogs (like you can for us at Infinity Intuition), or pay for marketing. We suggest the first three because they are all free.


Let us know which services you can provide, and we might be able to help as well!

If you have more ways to make money RIGHT NOW, comment and let everybody know.

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