Why Experiencing Life is Great for Networking

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I wanted to talk about going out to experience life and how it can actually help in business. Not every day off is a day wasted. Each time you take a vacation is a chance to grow professionally as well. And at the very least, reading this might give you an excuse to take a once in a life time trip and say you wanted to network more. pexels-photo-753626.jpeg

The first and most obvious reason to take a trip or do something fun is for the experience. A boost in your moral is a boost to your professional image. Taking trips and having some fun can actually help boost confidence as well. When we think about our inner self, experiencing life is extremely beneficial.

Thinking of our outer self, each time we step out of work or our home we have a chance to network. Yes, this might goes for anywhere in the world. If you’re working in Philadelphia and take a trip to Hong Kong, you have the ability to network. The same goes for the same person working in Philadelphia who goes out for a cup of coffee in Philadelphia. Every chance you step outside of where you normally are (work and home) you have a chance to meet and speak with other people.

People abroad or even in another area of might turn out to be a helpful resource. Outside of the chance to possibly make a friend, the people you meet outside of your work or home could help you out down the road in your professional life.

I’m not going to go into why networking is important or why networking can help you today. I’m sure you have ideas of your own. If not, maybe I’ll write about it later. I wrote about networking briefly in my book “A Student-Athlete’s Guide to Excellence” as well if you had a chance to read that. Regardless of how you find out, make sure you understand how important networking can be. Quite often it’s not what you know, but who you know.

So why will traveling somewhere or taking a vacation help us network? Simple put, it makes you more interesting. I know we live in a world where we wish nobody would judge us, but they do. The world judges us. People complaining about it are usually the people being judged negatively while others let the world see them in a positive light. Experiencing life increases our chances of positive light judgement. People will want to talk to you, ask you questions, and for a moment, live in your shoes. Your life experience make people want to gravitate toward you.

Think about the last time you heard of somebody you knew traveling the world or other countries. You were pretty interested right? So were your other friends or colleagues.

Next time you’re thinking about taking that vacation to somewhere you’ve never been, consider how it could also benefit your life at home and work. Next time you have a chance to sit in a coffee shop you’ve never been in to read the morning paper, take up the opportunity to meet new people. It really doesn’t matter where you’re meeting people as long as you’re meeting them.

Sharing your life experiences with others doesn’t always have to be about work and what you saw on the internet that day. To be honest with you, those of you who are taking those once in a life time trips are probably the people others would rather hear from anyway.

Final thoughts: don’t hold back enjoying your life. Your life experiences might wind up helping you at work also.

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