How You Can Create Content Too

What’s up Infinity Intuition readers,

I want to start by thanking you all for taking a peek at everything we have to offer here at ~I. So far with only a few posts we’ve managed to bring in over 1000 viewers in 13 countries! I’m personally proud of how much attention the site is receiving, but even more proud of the people who wrote in with some great content.

Today I wanted to write to you about adding your own content to the site and social media as well. It’s really easy and can benefit all of us (including yourself)

So first, let me mention that Infinity Intuition is meant to be a platform of information on just about anything. Our goal here is to grow large enough to eliminate the multi platform sites. We want people coming here for pictures, videos, blogs, interviews, etc. If you have an expertise, passion, or career in something, you have a voice here. What you might see as simple, others might not know a thing about. So even if you send in something simple to you, millions of other people can benefit from seeing it.

I want to also mention that creating content for us at ~I can be added to your resume, and you can eventually start to earn money once the company gains a large enough following. sky-earth-galaxy-universe.jpg

So how can you send in your own content?

I’ve created several “Levels” of information you can send in here:

1. Picture – any picture you think can help others

2. Quick Clip video – a video that might explain something or give advice to others

3. Blog – a document offering tips, advice, or help in any way

4. Interview – ask an expert questions on a subject that can help others

5. Research – more than a blog, less than a book on researched facts that can help others

6. Shared articles – let us know about other people’s helpful content so we can share it for them

So you can send in something as simple as a picture and as complex as a research project. Either way, Infinity Intuition will have a platform available to reach people you might not have been able to before. We’re bringing the world in on this, and in turn we’re going to collectively help the world grow.

To send in content, you can email me:

You can also send a Direct Message to any of our social media sites or shoot me a text.

If you want to know something or you have a topic you would like to know more about, send us a comment or do any of the above to get in touch. We actually want this to happen so we know who we should bring on.

Do me a HUGE favor and share this for others to see. If they don’t want to send in content, I’m sure there will come a time where they can benefit from seeing an ~I post or blog. Maybe one of your friends has something they want to share, so they can benefit from seeing this too.

P.S. Business out there… this is a great way to advertise. Share something the world can benefit from and tag your name/ company to it.

Thanks for reading!


John Brocious

Infinity Intuition Creator

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