Relieve Back Pain for Somebody & Spread Kindness

Now that you’ve told a loved one just how much you love them, we must move on to more acts of kindness!
According to American Chiropractic Association, more than 80% of the population experiences back pain at some point in their life. That’s more than 5 billion people!
Check out this article on back pain from them here.


woman relaxing relax spa
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This is all the more reason to give a loved one or a friend a back rub. Page 7 allows us to do just that.
You don’t have to be the world’s best masseuse, but putting some effort into a back rub might change somebody’s day. It feels great and it shows you care about them. Give it a try and don’t forget to share the experience to inspire others!
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If you haven’t already opened your “World Book of Kindness” book, let me do it for you. This book is filled with free and simple ways to spread kindness across the world. Where to begin? Right here by telling a loved one that you love them. Here is why this is so important:


1. If you haven’t experienced any “life is just too damn short” moments, consider yourself blessed. Life comes at us fast and sometimes we hold in feelings or thoughts we wish we would have expressed sooner. Tell somebody you love them and how much today before you miss the chance to do it again. Live life without regret.
2. You will feel better doing it. Knowing you just made somebody’s day can really change your day too. If for nothing other than the internal factor of how you might feel after doing it, tell somebody how much you love them. It’ll feel like doing a good deed except you’re benefiting the people closest to you.
3. You will make somebody else’s day! I consider this my favorite reason to tell somebody how much you love them which is why it’s number 3 on my list (also my favorite number). It’s only natural to want more in life. Money, recognition, possessions, are all part of it. Another major desire is power. I’m not talking about power to make decisions though. I’m talking about the power to change somebody’s day from bad to good or from good to great. By telling somebody how much you love them, you’re ultimately changing the world because the person you’re telling is part of this world.
4. You have no clue what your act of kindness can lead to. You’re “I love you this much” could lead to their “I love you this much” to somebody else which starts a massive chain of making the world a better place. How amazing would it be to know you had a part in something that traveled to each continent impacting people for the better?
Want to help the world? Start small and make sure your act of kindness inspires others to do the same. World Book of Kindness was written to do just that. Start with a small example doing something simple, share the experience with the world, and pass it on.
Get started here for less than your next trip to the convenience store.
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Way Too Early Fantasy Football

We’re all thinking about it…


Way Too Early Rankings PPR


  1. Aaron Rodgers (GB)
  2. Tom Brady (NE)
  3. Russell Wilson (SEA)
  4. Carson Wentz (PHI)
  5. Deshaun Watson (HOU)
  6. Drew Brees (NO)
  7. Kirk Cousins (MIN)
  8. Cam Newton (CAR)
  9. Andrew Luck (IND)
  10. Ben Roethlisburger (PIT)
  11. Matt Stafford (DET)
  12. Jared Geoff (LAR)
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)
  14. Patrick Mahomes (KC)
  15. Phillip Rivers (LAC)



  1. Todd Gurley (LAR)
  2. Le’Veon Bell (PIT)
  3. Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)
  4. David Johnson (ARI)
  5. Saquon Barkley (NYG)
  6. Alvin Kamara (NO)
  7. Kareem Hunt (KC)
  8. Leonard Fournette (JAX)
  9. Melvin Gordon (LAC)
  10. Dalvin Cook (MIN)
  11. LeSean McCoy (BUF)
  12. Jordan Howard (CHI)
  13. Christian McCaffery (CAR)
  14. Davonta Freeman (ATL)
  15. Jerrick McKinnon (MIN)
  16.  Kenyan Drake (MIA)
  17. Mark Ingram (NO)
  18. Jay Ajayi (PHI)
  19. Darrius Guice (WAS)
  20. Derek Henry (TEN)



  1. Antonio Brown (PIT)
  2. DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG)
  4. Keenan Allen (LAC)
  5. Michael Thomas (NO)
  6. Julio Jones (ATL)
  7. Davante Adams (GB)
  8. Mike Evans (TB)
  9. AJ Green (CIN)
  10. Tyreek Hill (KC)
  1. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
  2. Doug Baldwin (SEA)
  3. Adam Thielen (MIN)
  4. Demaryius Thomas (DEN)
  5. Alshon Jeffery (PHI)
  6. Jarvis Landry (CLE)
  7. Stefon Diggs (MIN)
  8. T.Y. Hilton (IND)
  9. Robert Woods (LAR)
  10. Allen Robinson (CHI)



  1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)
  2. Travis Kelce (KC)
  3. Zach Ertz (PHI)
  4. Jimmy Graham (GB)
  5. Evan Engram (NYG)
  6. Hunter Henry (LAC)
  7. Delanie Walker (TEN)
  8. Greg Olsen (CAR)
  9. Jordan Reed (WAS)
  10. Kyle Rudolph (MIN)
  11. Jack Doyle (IND)
  12. Trey Burton (CHI)
  13. David Njoku (CLE)
  14. George Kittle (SF)
  15. Cameron Brate (TB)


Infinity Intuition

Lead Fantasy Football Content Creator

Ryan Cerino



Think About This One

Daydream with us a bit…


What would you do if you were a millionaire for a day?

(For imagination’s sake, think about a day with $1,10, or 100 million)


1.You have 24 hours to be a millionaire.

2.You cannot keep anything you buy beyond that day.

3.Gifts you buy cannot be kept by others beyond that day.

4.Donations CAN be made to charitable causes.

5.The day after (and beyond) you will go back to your normal life. Meaning, you have the same job, living situation, etc as before.

So how would you spend a day as a millionaire?

Pass this along to friends so you can compare.

Comment below or on our social sites to let the II community know! Maybe you have some ideas in common.

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Pepper’s NHL Playoff Rundown

The wait is finally over, playoff hockey is here!

The NHL postseason is one of the most exciting times of the year and it won’t disappoint. Some teams were able to lock up their playoff position a while ago and other teams needing the last game of the regular season to lock up their spot.

playoffs nhl.jpg


It’s been a whirlwind of a year from the Nashville Predators winning the President’s Trophy to the newly added Vegas Golden Knights making history as they made the playoffs in their first year as a NHL team.

With that being said, there are a few questions looming over certain teams as the begin their pursuit for the Stanley Cup. Can the Pittsburgh Penguins win their third Stanley Cup Championship in a row? Can the Vegas Golden Knights continue to make history as they look for a deep playoff run? Will the Washington Capitals finally make it to the finals? Can the Nashville Predators get retribution for last year’s Stanley Cup finals upset? This is just the beginning…I will be taking you all on a trip through the first round of the playoffs, with an inside look at each matchup as well as my predictions for each series.

Nashville Predators (1) vs Colorado Avalanche (WC2)

Regular season records- NSH: 53-18-11 117pts

   COL: 43-30-9 95pts

Season Series: 10/17/17 NSH 4, COL 1

11/18/17 NSH 5, COL 2

3/4/18 NSH 4, COL 3 (OT)

3/16/18 NSH 4, COL 2

On the Lookout- NSH: Viktor Arvidsson (29G, 61PTS)

   COL: Nathan MacKinnon (39G, 97PTS)

Goalies: NSH- Pekka Rinne 42-13-4, GAA- 2.31, SV%- .927

 COL- Semyon Varlamov 24-16-6, GAA- 2.68, SV%- .920

My Prediction: Nashville Predators win in 5 games

With the Predators sweeping the Avalanche in the regular season they have a huge advantage in this matchup. However, I don’t see a series sweep the first round. The Avalanche still have enough fire power to keep up with the Predators, but I just don’t see it being enough to solve Pekka Rinne. The Predators have been a power house this year and I believe they will continue and defeat the Avalanche.

Winnipeg Jets (2) vs Minnesota Wild (3)

Regular season records- WPG: 52-20-10 114pts

   MIN: 45-26-11 104pts

Season Series: 10/20/17 WPG 4, MIN 3

10/31/17 WPG 2, MIN 1

11/27/17 WPG 7, MIN 2

1/13/18 MIN 4, WPG 1

On the Lookout: WPG- Patrik Laine (44G, 70PTS)

   MIN- Eric Staal (42G, 76PTS)

Goalies: WPG- Connor Hellebuyck 44-11-9, GAA- 2.36, SV%- .924

  MIN- Devan Dubnyk 35-16-7, GAA- 2.52, SV%- .918

My Prediction: Winnipeg Jets win in 6 games

The Jets won the regular season series 3-1 and for the most part the games were close in score. Winnipeg has the rookie Patrik Laine who had a breakout year being a major force to the Jets offense. The Minnesota Wild isn’t a team to take lightly however. I believe the Wild will give the Jets a hard-fought series, but not enough to close it out.

Vegas Golden Knights (1) vs LA Kings (WC1)

Regular season records- VGK: 51-24-7 109pts

   LAK: 45-29-8 98pts

Season Series: 11/19/17 VGK 4, LAK 2

12/28/17 VGK 3, LAK 2 (OT)

2/26/18 LAK 3, VGK 2 (OT)

2/27/18 LAK 4, VGK 1

On the Lookout: VGK- William Karlsson (43G, 78PTS)

   LAK- Anze Kopitar (35G, 92PTS)

Goalies: VGK- Marc-Andre Fleury 29-13-4, GAA- 2.24, SV%- .927

  LAK- Jonathan Quick 33-28-3, GAA- 2.40, SV%- .921

My Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights win in 6 games

The Golden Knights have taken the NHL by storm. They have put together a record breaking year with wins, overall points and making playoffs in their first year. The team of misfits have really come together to become a top competitive dark horse of the league. They also have 3x Stanley Cup Champion Marc-Andre Fleury in between the pipes giving the Golden Knights the knowledge about what it takes to be a champion. On the other hand, they are playing a team who won it all in 2012 and 2014. It will an exciting series to watch. One where I believe the Golden Knights will continue their historic season as they win their first ever playoff series.

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs San Jose Sharks (3)

Regular season records- ANA: 44-25-13 101pts

   SJS: 45-27-10 100pts

Season Series: 11/4/17 SJS 2, ANA 1 (SO)

11/20/17 ANA 3, SJS 2 (SO)

1/21/18 SJS 6, ANA 2

2/11/18 SJS 3, ANA 2 (SO)

On the Lookout: ANA- Rickard Rakell (34G, 69PTS)

   SJS- Logan Couture (34G, 61PTS)

Goalies: ANA- John Gibson 31-18-7, GAA- 2.43, SV%- .926

  SJS- Martin Jones 30-22-6, GAA- 2.55, SV%- .915

My Prediction: San Jose Sharks win in 7 games

Three out of the four games these two teams played against each other had to go to a shootout. These two teams have played each other tough. Being two out of the three teams in California there is already a rivalry between the two and matching up in the first round will only add fuel to the fire. This series is going to be a long hard-fought battle one in which I see the Sharks coming out on top. This is also my first upset prediction in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Lightning (1) vs New Jersey Devils (WC2)

Regular season record- TBL: 54-23-5 113pts

  NJD: 44-29-9 97pts

Season Series: 10/17/17 NJD 5, TBL 4 (SO)

2/17/18 NJD 4, TBL 3

3/24/18 NJD 2, TBL 1

On the Lookout: TBL- Nikita Kucherov (39G, 100PTS)

   NJD- Taylor Hall (39G, 93PTS)

Goalies: TBL- Andrei Vasilevskiy 44-17-3, GAA- 2.62, SV%- .920

  NJD- Keith Kinkaid 26-10-3, GAA- 2.77, SV%- .913

My Prediction: Tampa Bay Lightning win in 7 games

This is the only series in the first round where the two teams only played each other three times in the regular season. The Devils swept the Lightning in the regular season. Being one of the only teams to hand the Lightning 3 losses. The Lightning have been building the past few years and it finally has brought them to be one of the top competitors in the playoffs this year. The Devils have turned it around from last year being one of the bottom two teams in the NHL to making the playoffs. They’ve had the Lightning’s number this year, however I think the Lightning will strike and end the Devils season.

Boston Bruins (2) vs Toronto Maples Leafs (3)

Regular season records- BOS: 50-20-12 112pts

   TOR: 49-26-7 105pts

Season Series: 11/10/17 TOR 3, BOS 2 (OT)

11/11/17 TOR 4, BOS 1

2/3/18 BOS 4, TOR 1

2/24/18 TOR 4, BOS 3

On the Lookout: BOS- David Pastrnak (35G, 80PTS)

   TOR- James Van Riemsdyk (36G, 54PTS)

Goalies: BOS- Tuukka Rask 34-14-5, GAA- 2.36, SV%- .917

  TOR- Frederik Anderson 38-21-5, GAA- 2.81, SV%- .918

My Prediction: Toronto Maple Leafs win in 6 games

This series bring an old and long-lasting rivalry back into the light. Two of the Original Six NHL teams will be set to battle it out in the first round of these playoffs. The regular season saw the Maple Leafs take the series 3-1 and I believe that even with the fire power and the acquisition of Rick Nash Boston won’t be able to take down the Leafs ending a successful year for the Bruins. This is my second upset of the first round.

Washington Capitals (1) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (WC1)

Regular season record- WSH: 49-26-7 105pts

 CBJ: 45-30-7 97pts

Season Series: 12/2/17 WSH 4, CBJ 3

2/6/18 WSH 3, CBJ 2

2/9/18 WSH 4, CBJ 2

2/26/18 CBJ 5, WSH 1

On the Lookout: WSH- Alexander Ovechkin (49G, 87PTS)

  CBJ- Artemi Panarin (27G, 82PTS)

Goalies: WSH- Philipp Grubauer 15-10-3, GAA- 2.35, SV%- .923

  CBJ- Sergei Bobrovsky 37-22-6, GAA- 2.42, SV%- .921

My Prediction: Washington Capitals win in 6 games

In the preseason the Capitals were nowhere near the conversations involving the winner of the Metropolitan Division and here they are sitting on top. Ovechkin came just 1 goal short of another 50-goal season scoring two in the last game of the season. Washington has had a few upsetting playoff runs in past years. They’re looking to change that with a team that on paper is a step down from last year, but anything can happen when you have number 8 on the ice. Columbus is looking to have a deep playoff run of their own, but in the end, I believe the Capitals will end the Blue Jackets season early.

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs Philadelphia Flyers (3)

Regular season record- PIT: 47-29-6 100pts

 PHI: 42-26-14 98pts

Season Series: 11/27/17 PIT 5, PHI 4 (OT)

1/2/18 PIT 5, PHI 1

3/7/18 PIT 5, PHI 2

3/25/18 PIT 5, PHI 4

On the Lookout: PIT- Evgeni Malkin (42G, 98PTS)

  PHI- Claude Giroux (34G, 102PTS)

Goalies: PIT- Matt Murray 27-16-3, GAA- 2.92, SV%- .907

  PHI- Brian Elliott 23-11-7, GAA- 2.66, SV%- .909

My Prediction: Pittsburgh Penguins win in 5 games or Philadelphia Flyers win in 7 games

The battle for Pennsylvania. Flyers versus Penguins is always a hard-hitting, nail-biting playoff series no matter what happens in the regular season. This year the Penguins swept the Flyers winning the series 4-0 scoring 5 goals in each game. Even though the Penguins had the Flyers number there is always something about this playoff matchup that never lets any fan base down. This will be an interesting series to watch. The Flyers are looking to have a healthy goaltender for this run as it always seems to be the position haunting them. The Penguins are looking for a three peat, but the Flyers are looking to end that dream early. These are two teams that do not like each other so expect a battle of a series. I have two separate predictions for this series. The way the regular season went I see the Penguins beating the Flyers in 5, but being a Flyers fan, I believe if the Flyers win the series it’ll have to be in 7 games.

That is everything you need to know about all the matchups in the first round of the NHL playoffs. I’m expecting a very fast pace and enjoyable first round. Each one of these series are going to be interesting and exciting in their own way. Not one matchup will be a letdown for any fan watching. Enjoy round 1 of the playoffs and stay tuned for the second round as I will have all of my predictions and insiders once the first round is over!

-Anthony Calabrese

Lead NHL and Philadelphia Flyers Contributor  

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Flyers vs. Penguins

In my last post I was talking about a buzz in the city post Super Bowl 52. I wasn’t sure if we would ever lose another game, and since then we have had two of our big four sports teams clinch playoff spots, and Villanova won the National championship. If you think this is business as usual in the city of Philadelphia then you need to wake up and smell the playoff tulips.

Image result for flyers vs penguins

(Photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia Flyers are first to accept the baton from Villanova’s dominant March run, and they hand they have been dealt is, lets just say the road will not be easy. This is a rivalry that is older than hockey, this is homegrown hatred right here the battle for the soul of our very own Keystone state, this is Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia. The big city vs. the once great steel city, now just a hub for alcohol abuse, poorly cooked chicken wings, and a hockey team lead by Tinker Bell’s pre-pubescent love child, yup Sidney Crosby. Penguins v Flyers is more than a playoff series, it more than a storied rivalry, this is a battle for pride in the east, and amongst two cities that will never stop fighting to be the sports team that Harrisburg should be fans of.

Philadelphia has something special going these days, and ill be damned if that damn black and yellow city of fools is going to be the one to end it. So without further delay, here is my preview of the series that will kick off this 2018 Playoffs for Lord Stanley’s Cup!

The opponent:

Forwards:  Everyone knows about the big three for the Pens: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Kessel. These guys score a lot, and they make everyone on the ice better around them, but here’s something you might not know about one of the three stars wearing black and gold. Phil Kessel’s sister is better than him…seriously the dude gets his ass beat on the ice constantly by his little sister who has a gold medal, and has NEVER lost an NHL game. Neither are claims Phil can make I think it pretty clear who has the edge there, and we don’t have one guy on our team that has a sister better than them. This is a pretty huge edge the flyer need to exploit.

In all honesty this is a deadly attack, and if they get power play opportunity they will capitalize, so there’s the key to riding out the storm, stay out of the box!

Grade- (A-)

Defense: While their defense can absolutely struggle to clear the crease and force turnovers, they are very good at making passes to those dangerous forwards. Best way to nullify that is a good forecheck, and constant offensive pressure. Kris Letang & Justin Schultz have been longtime thorns in the side of flyers fans, but this series they fall!

Grade- (B)

Goalie: Matthew Murray is a very inconsistent goaltender that has the bad game ability the flyers need to take advantage of, but here’s the problem. Hes one of those guys that just finds another level after the regular season, and the kid can be as lights out as anyone come playoff time, if the flyers want to get it passed him they will have to shoot the puck as much as possible, cannot be waiting for the perfect pass, because this guy can save it.

Grade (B)

The Flyers!


The flyers have been hit by a bolt of lightning in the form of two young spry skaters. Nolan Patrick, and Travis Konechny have been absolute dynamos this year and they are only getting better. They didn’t put up the number you will see from Malkin and Kessel, but one day they will. They are part of the future of this league, and just like their captain I think they are about to have their breakout moments in their first playoff appearance. And speaking of the captain! If it wasn’t for wonder boy Connor Mcdavid in Edmunton I would say hes a lock for the Hart Trophy. Over 100 points for the first time in his career he lead this team in everything from heart, goals, assists, and attitude. There was a little whisper in Philadelphia about him not being the leader he needs to be, well he shut that shit down with an iron fist this year, and if he plays the way he usually does in the playoffs the flyers have every reason to believe they can win this series.

Grade (B+)


The Flyers have two of the best young defensemen in the league and that is not the opinion of a bias Philly fan this is league recognized talent. Ivan Proverov has the best Defensive instincts I have ever seen on a 21 year old in his second year, he is a force to be reckoned with, and he will push anyone off the puck in any situation. Shayne Gostisbere may as well be a forward the way he rips pucks at the net, and as he grows on the defensive side of the puck he is becoming the new standard for offensive Blue liners in the league. Unfortunately the buck kind of stops there. Depth is an issue in our Defensive pairings and will be a problem against the Pens fire power.

Grade (B-)


All signs point to Brian Elliot as of now. The coach hasn’t tipped his hand yet, but the free agent signing from the off season who came over from the blues has had serious spirits of genius in net this season. Unfortunately a lengthy injury in the middle of the year threw off that momentum, and his return to the ice didn’t go as well as he had hoped. The potential is there, he just has to get hot fast and stay that way.

Grade (B-)

I think this series goes 6 games, and in the end the determining factor is whether or not the flyers can clear their own zone when they have leads, and control the puck in the offensive zone. Staying out of the box is important, but scoring goals, and commanding the flow of this series is more important. If they steal one from Pittsburgh in the first two  games, I think the flyer win the series!

Go Flyers!

Go Sixers!!

Go Phillies!!!

This city is alive, and anything can happen. The Eagles proved that. Lets earn, lets unite or die!


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John’s NHL Bracket

We’re still in bracket mode over here at Infinity Intuition. Here is what I think the NHL playoffs will look like.

nhl bracket.jpg

Round 1


Tampa wins 4-1

Boston wins 4-2

Washington wins 4-2

Pittsburgh wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-0

Winnipeg wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-1

San Jose wins 4-1

Round 2


Boston wins 4-3

Washington wins 4-2


Nashville wins 4-2

Las Vegas wins 4-2

Round 3


Washington wins 4-3


Nashville wins 4-1

Stanley Cup

Nashville wins 4-1

In these predictions:

My toughest pick: Boston over Tampa Bay. I think the Lightening are great and if they can overcome Boston, they can make it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, Boston has a tradition of winning, and simply finding ways to win. If I had to pick another tough match up, it would have been the San Jose and Anaheim series. Anaheim is hot right now, but I just have a hunch it might not last.

My easiest pick: Nashville over Colorado. I feel like Nashville is great on so many levels and Colorado will have a tough time keeping up.


Photo courtesy of

Stay tuned for more predictions from our authors here at Infinity Intuition!

Til next time,


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Top 4 Places to Visit in France

Travelers around the world,

For those of you who are going to visit France in the future or for anybody needing a bit of guidance deciding where to visit, we have 5 spots you won’t want to miss.


Paris. Yes, it’s incredibly obvious that you need to see Paris when traveling to France. Shown above you can see a picture of the outstanding Eiffel Tower.Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower for an awesome view of the city. But Paris has much, much more to it than the Eiffel Tower.

If you’re into art or a once in a lifetime type of museum, you’re going to want to visit The Louvre. Into history? Check out Notre Dame to see arguably the most spectacular cathedral in the world. (P.S – take the walk up the tower, it’s worth it). Some other great spots to visit in Paris are Versailles Palace, the Catacombs, and Arc de Triomphe. If you have some time, take a walk around the city. You will see people from all around the world, experience more of the culture, and you might even see some amazing street performers.

Don’t forget to try the local food stores in Paris! If you’re coming from anywhere outside of Europe, go look at their McDonald’s menu and compare it to yours back home.

We suggest you reach out to a travel agent and do guided tours when possible. Remember that although you are visiting, safety should come first. We recommend this for any city that’s foreign to you. Paris is a beautiful city, but just like any other city in the world, there will some (not many) people who are not upstanding citizens. Always travel with safety in mind.

If you want to see more of what Paris has to offer, check out U.S News’ article here.

Bordeaux. Some may say it’s known for wine, others may say it’s known for its history. We just think it’s a great place to visit.


Here are some places you’re going to love taking pictures at:

La Grosse Cloche (old mid evil town hall with a history bell and a nice little area to visit). The link above has a translation option for several languages at the top of the page.

Bordeaux Cathedral (a history of royalty).

Grande Theatre de Bordeaux (music, dancing, performance, and the outside is surrounded by some pretty cool statues you won’t want to miss).

Place de la Bourse (probably the most photogenic place you can visit, night or day).

We only gave you 4 to start with. The Crazy Tourist has a great article with 11 more places you can visit. Check that out right here.

Nice. You read it right. Nice, France is absolutely a place you need to visit when traveling to France.


The beaches, the old town, museums, sightseeing, the food, the culture… everything you want in a city. People often think they can visit Nice in one day, we suggest otherwise. The beach (although amazing) is only one part of what this city has to offer.

Check out these two articles from U.S News and The Crazy Tourist (some of our favorite travel sites) to see specifically, what Nice has to offer.

U.S News 13 Best Things to Do in Nice, France

The Crazy Tourist 15 Best Things to Do in Nice, France

You’re going to want to get pictures of the beautiful ocean, Promenade des Anglais, and Castle Hill for sure.

Aix en Provence. If you really want to immerse yourself in French culture, go here. Unlike Paris, things move a bit slower here. Aix en Provence is filled with museums, markets, and plenty of places to eat and relax.



La Grande Marche (markets on markets on markets).

Mont Sainte-Victoire (you’ve seen mountains before, but have you seen this one?).

Cours Mirabeau (relax, meet new people, try new foods, sit down for a drink).

If you’re looking for a different type of scene, Aix en Provence will seem less touristy and more like you are one with the French. We think this is a great place to try out the French you’ve been studying because the people are generally pleasant. Here is more of what you can do in Aix en Provence.

So there you have it. Four AMAZING places to check out when visiting France. Now, we only gave you four. The reality is, it’s a beautiful country with tons of history and culture to experience. There is much more to see than just four awesome locations.


Have any more place you think people should visit? Comment below and let the readers know! The writers here at Infinity Intuition know France as visitors rather than citizens. We would love to hear from those living in France for more ideas on what tourists should visit!

Until next time,

infinity intuition

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Why We Want To Achieve Excellence

The truth is, everybody’s answer is different. What we want in life is not the same as the person next to us. As much as we think about more money, a better job, a bigger house, a nicer car… it’s really more than that.


Everything we think we want initially actually leads to more.

The first chapter in “Book of Excellence” is about why we want to excel. What will becoming more do for us?

More opportunities become available to us. When you think about who stands out in this world, you start to see the opportunities they have compared to those who do not stand out. This might mean an opportunity for a promotion within a company, an opportunity to get hired by a better company, an opportunity to go to a better school, or even a chance to play on a better team. There are simply more opportunities for those who excel.

Those who excel have more freedom than those who do not. This could come in the form choice; like a person being able to choose from 100 different companies rather than just a few. This could come in the form of position; like the person who chooses their role within a company. It could also mean freedom to simply do things the way you want to do them; they’re working so why stop? Those excel have more freedoms available.

Gravitation. Not in the way you think where an apple falls from a tree. In the form of people wanting to be around you. People wanting to know you, listen to you, learn from you. You become a greater influence on the world because more people want to be in your world. This might also lead you to becoming a role model.

Those who excel leave behind a legacy. One day we will all move on. Whether that be from a job, a classroom, a team, or whatever else you can think of. The work we do, the excellence we achieve, and the people we’ve impacted will determine whether we leave behind a legacy or we are forgotten.

Now think about why you would want to excel. What would you gain from it? What would the world gain from it?

Like this post if you’re on your way to achieving excellence. You can be a blogger, a student, an athlete, a parent, a friend, a professional at your job. Whatever you are doing, you have the chance to achieve excellence.

Comment on why you would like to excel.

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“Book of Excellence”

I am the biggest believer that every single one of us has the power to change our world. We have the ability to change ourselves, our circumstances, and even other people and their circumstances.

There are people in this world who work to become more while others only yearn for it. There are people who accept average and there are people who go above and beyond the norm.


In my book “Book of Excellence” we find the difference between CatX (those achieving excellence) and CatY (those who merely yearn for what CatX has).

“Book of Excellence” is about what it takes to reach every goal you desire and how to live a life of excellence. Our ability to change our world for the better is in our grasp.

Excellence is obtainable for everybody. Rich and poor. Big and small. Young and old. CatX holds no bias to the world. It does no matter where you start in life; only how you live it.

In the upcoming weeks I will be posting short blogs on each chapter of the book. Although I encourage everyone to check out the book, I hope my blog posts can at least get you started on how to benefit your life and others through excellence.

If you’re a blogger, a student, an athlete, a business professional, a mother, a father, an artist, and anything else you might be, this book is for you. Each concept written can be applied to everybody’s life. There’s even exercises to help guide you! Although we’re not all the same, those achieving excellence follow the concepts you will read about in “Book of Excellence”.

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your life to reaching your goals, check out “Book of Excellence” (on it’s way to becoming a best seller in less than a week!) on Amazon or click here. Or you can head over to Amazon and type in “Book of Excellence by John P Brocious”. Don’t have Amazon Prime? That’s okay too. You can also find it at your local book store.

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